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What's New


Sumitomo Electric has Developed and Released a Network Camera-Enabled Device for Video Content Analysis Unit “Smart Chaser™”


Sumitomo Electric Launches 10G-EPON for Cable Operators in North America


Development and release of the BreakMaster LD type and GD type, sintered diamond cutting tools with integral chipbreaker


Development and release of AC6030M/AC6040M, new materials for stainless steel turning, and EM breaker for rough cutting


Sumitomo Electric Industries Provides 4K Set Top Box to NTT Plala’s 4Kp60 “Hikari-TV” VOD Commercial Service in Japan

Product Index

This page gives you introduction to the main Sumitomo Electric products categorized by application. Please feel free to contact us if you are unable to find the product you need or in the case of any questions.

Product index by industry


Wiring harness
Wheel Speed Sensor
Center cluster integration panel


Optical Network Solution
▲ Optical Network Solution
Antenna products
▲ Antenna products
▲ ITS: Intelligent Transport Systems
Optical Fibers & Cables
Fusion Splicers & Accessories
Optical data link
Optical device
Electron device
Access network system product "MegaBit Gear"
River/road information system
Optical Connectors & Connectivity
Optical Fiber Network Related
Two-way communication device
Traffic control system
Cable television (CATV) system
Laser handy terminal


Electronic wire products
▲ Electronic wire products
Irradiated Products
▲ Irradiated Products
▲ Thunderbolt
Printed circuit
Compound semiconductor
Irradiated products
Ultrafine copper wire & twisted wire
Contact probe
Polyimide tube
Flat component
Gallium nitride substrate
Electric wire for electronic equipment and automobiles "ECO-WIRE"
Porous metal (for batteries)
Fluororesin-coated products

Environment and Energy

▲ Superconductor
EV Quick-Charger Connector Assembly
▲ EV Quick-Charger Connector Assembly
Ecology cable
High-voltage power cable
High-temperature superconducting cable
Insulated wire for ultrasonic bonding
Fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing system
Highly-fire-resistant non-halogen cable for fire fighting
Submarine power cable
Trolley wire for high-speed railway
Ultra-fine magnet wire
Infrared optical products
Air spring

Industrial Materials

Cemented carbide insert
End mill & drill
Powder metallurgical parts
Bonding tool
Steel wire for springs
Synthetic diamond
Composite material for substrates and heat sinks (CMSH)
Epoxy-coated steel wire for prestressed concrete
Steel cord
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