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Sumitomo Electric Releases General-Purpose, High-Efficiency, Indexable Insert Type Face Milling Cutter, “SEC-SUMI DUAL MILL, DGC Type”

September 28, 2012
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

*This press release was issued on September 14, 2012 in Japan.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. will release on November 1, 2012 an indexable insert type face milling cutter, “SEC-SUMI DUAL MILL, DGC Type.” This cutter’s flexibility for use with 8- and 16-corner inserts enables it to achieve high-precision, high-efficiency cutting very economically.

As newly emerging markets accelerate economic growth, the demands for automobiles and industrial machinery including machine tools, construction machinery, and energy-related machinery are increasing globally. Meanwhile, automobile and industrial machinery makers that use machined parts are required to survive fierce international market competition by reducing energy consumption. In such a market environment, the needs of these makers are increasing to balance cost reduction, energy savings, and high-quality parts production by enhancing machining efficiency and accuracy.


To meet such needs, Sumitomo Electric has developed a general-purpose, high-efficiency indexable insert type face milling cutter, “SEC-SUMI DUAL MILL, Type DGC,” based on the Company’s original cutting tool design technology and high-accuracy molding technology. The new milling cutter makes it possible to machine high-quality parts with high efficiency and at low cost, and can be used for various applications depending on the user’s particular situation and preferences.


The new milling cutter includes the following features:


Sumitomo Electric’s original cutter body design suitable for both 8- and 16-corner inserts

Two types of indexable inserts are in the lineup: square, two-sided 8-corner inserts that sharply remove larger amounts of stock; and octagonal, two-sided 16-corner inserts that significantly reduce the cost per edge. Since the cutter body has been uniquely designed to fit both insert types, the user can set up different inserts for a single cutter for different purposes, thus minimizing the number of cutters necessary to machine components to different shapes.



High-reliability machining of high-quality surfaces

The combined effect of the ultra-multilayer PVD coating film “New Super ZX Coat,” with the superior edge run-out accuracy of the high-precision inserts and cutter body stabilizes cutter life. The superior edge run-out accuracy also realizes high-quality cutting surfaces. A burr-suppressing insert incorporating an optimally chamfered edge is also provided to satisfy user needs for much higher machining surface quality.



High-efficiency machining with low machining force

The square, two-sided 8-corner insert incorporating tough edges achieves high-efficiency machining at a maximum cutting depth of 6 mm and maximum stock feed rate of 0.4 mm per edge, significantly reducing machining cost and time. In addition, the insert’s large rake angle ensures edge sharpness by substantially reducing the machining force even in high-efficiency machining. When machining depth is 3 mm or less, the machining force is as low as that of the positive edge of a single-sided 4-corner insert. Use of octagonal, two-sided 16-corner inserts will further reduce the machining cost.



Many selections of general-purpose indexable inserts

In addition to the two types of indexable inserts described above, 7 types of inserts grades and 5 types of chip breakers are available to meet the needs for machining various materials such as steel, cast iron, and other difficult-to-cut materials.



Sumitomo Electric will exhibit the new milling cutters at the 26th Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF 2012) to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from November 1 to 6, 2012.


• SUMI DUAL MILL and Super ZX Coat are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.




(Cutter body)


Cutting tool diameter

Φ40–250 mm (shell type),
Φ40–63 mm (end mill type)


Number of edges

standard, multiple, ultra-multiple (3 types)


Total: 49 items





square, two-sided 8-corner (SNMT type), octagonal, two-sided 16-corner (ONMT type)


Chip breaker

G type for general use, L type for light machining, H type for heavy machining, FG and FL types for suppressing burrs



New ACP100, New ACP200, New ACP300, New ACK200, New ACK300, EH520, T4500A


Total: 39 items


[Annual sales plan]

First year: ¥200 million
After 3 years: ¥500 million


[Standard prices]


Cutter body

DGC13080R (Φ80, 4 inserts/body) ¥59,500 (¥62,475 incl. tax)



SNMT13T6ANER-G (ACP200) ¥1,550 (¥1,628 incl. tax)
ONMT05T6ANER-G (ACP200) ¥1,550 (¥1,628 incl. tax)


DGC type cutter bodies and indexable insertsIndexable inserts for DGC type cutters


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