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Launch of SEC-Grooving Tools GND Type

March 28, 2012
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric will release SEC-Grooving Tools GND Type on April 16. This indexable grooving tool type has the Company's proprietary high-rigidity body and, combined with a high-precision insert, ensures highly accurate and stable performance even in high-efficiency grooving applications.

SEC-Grooving Tools GND TypeGrooving is widely applied in machining various mechanical parts including automotive parts. Compared with general cutting, grooving is subject to problems such as difficulties in evacuating chips, which tend to result in overcrowded chips and defective groove surfaces, and a high incidence of the load easily causing the tool to vibrate due to use of the entire cutting edge width for grooving. Moreover, as with other cutting processes, grooving needs to meet higher machining efficiency, precision and cost reduction requirements.


As a solution to these problems, SEC-Grooving Tools GND Type achieves higher efficiency and accuracy and has a longer tool life than previous types, improving grooving efficiency and reducing costs.


Features of this product include:


Five types of chipbreaker for excellent chip control in various machining processes

The lineup comprises two types (for low and general feed applications) respectively for deep grooving and multipurpose machining including turning, and a full-radius type for copying. These five types of chipbreaker exhibit exceptional chip control in various applications, ensuring stable processes free from overcrowded chips and other problems.



High-rigidity single-piece holders constructed of special steel to substantially reduce vibration during machining

Special high-rigidity steel is used as a holder material. In addition, the sections from insert clamp to shank are made into a simple single-piece construction in an optimal shape, substantially improving holder rigidity. These design features reduce the vibration occurring during machining by as much as 30% compared with conventional types. The high-rigidity single-piece construction ensures stable operation and a long tool life with few problems such as unusual chipping, even during high-efficiency machining.



High-precision sintered inserts for significantly improved machining accuracy

Dedicated inserts varying in size from 2 mm to 6 mm in grooving width are all within the grooving width tolerance of ±0.03 mm thanks to the latest high-precision sintering technology. They achieve high-precision machining irrespective of groove width variation.



The GND type is suitable for turning, profiling and cut-off, as well as for standard grooving. We intend to enhance the lineup in the future, adding chipbreakers dedicated to cut-off and holders for boring.






For external grooving :

64 items


For face grooving :

100 items (including 50 items for launch in July 2012)





Multipurpose general feed chipbreaker MG, multipurpose low feed ML, grooving/cut-off general feed GG, grooving/cut-off low feed GL, and copying RG





Grooving width:

2 to 6 mm for GG and GL; 3 to 6 mm for MG, ML and RG


Total: 26 items


[Prospective sales]

  ¥100 million for year ending March 2013
  ¥400 billion for year ending March 2016




Holder GNDM R2525M-312 (external multipurpose, 25 mm square shank, 3 mm width):


(¥21,000 including tax)


Insert GCM N3004-MG (multipurpose, 3 mm width):


(¥1,775 including tax)

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