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Development of New Grades “Ace Coat AC405K/AC415K” for Cast Iron Turning

January 20, 2012
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric has developed two CVD-coated grades “Ace Coat AC405K and AC415K” for wide applications including continuous and medium interrupted turning, in finishing and semi-finishing processes of cast iron turning. These newly developed grades, with long life (1.5 times or more the tool life of conventional grades) and exceptional reliability, were released on January 16, 2012.

Ace Coat AC405K/AC415K indexable insertsCast iron, a composite material of iron and graphite, is hard, tough, vibration/sound insulating and heat resistant. Its applications vary from everyday items to large machinery and to automotive engines, crankshafts, camshafts and brake discs.

In the automotive industry in recent years, it has been imperative to develop thin, light parts for improved fuel efficiency. As a result, gray cast iron has increasingly been replaced with stronger, but harder-to-machine nodular graphite (ductile) cast iron. In parts machining, with improvement in cutting machine tool performance, cutting speed is required to increase further to save on cutting costs. Consequently, tools for cast iron machining must fulfill the requirement for stable performance over an extended duration, under demanding conditions.
In response to these needs, Sumitomo Electric has developed the new grade Ace Coat AC405K for high-speed, continuous turning of cast iron, and another new grade Ace Coat AC415K for general turning, including continuous and medium interrupted machining.

Features include:


Greatly improved wear resistance owing to new coating technology

A new coating technology, an evolution of the conventional fine and smooth CVD coating “Super FF Coat,” is used for both AC405K and the AC415K. The new coating film consists of a titanium carbon nitride (TiCN) layer with finer and harder ceramic particles, which has provided a 50% improvement in wear resistance as compared to conventional products. The result is a maximum recommended cutting speed of 570 m/min (AC405K) for continuous finish cutting and a maximum recommended cutting speed of 400 m/min (AC415K) for general semi-finish cutting. The improved wear resistance substantially increases the rate of cast iron turning.



Improved reliability and stability in high-speed cutting throughout tool life

Coating film internal stress control technology is used to reduce residual tensile stress specific to CVD films and to improve insert chipping resistance. A high-bonding intermediate layer is formed between the αAl2O3 layer (which resists adhesion) and the TiCN layer, significantly reducing edge damage resulting from adhesion and peeling of coating film. In high-speed turning, these features increase edge chipping resistance by 1.5 times or more in comparison to conventional products, greatly improving reliability and stability throughout tool life.



The newly developed products are priced at the same levels as our conventional products. Ace Coat AC405K and AC415K increase cast iron cutting speed in finishing and semi-finishing processes, while ensuring stable tool replacement cycles and significant machining cost reduction.


We also offer Ace Coat AC420K for casting surface roughing and interrupted machining in cast iron turning applications. Consequently, our AC400K series, comprising AC405K, AC415K and AC420K, covers all machining categories, from roughing to finishing, as well as from continuous turning to heavy interrupted turning, substantially improving efficiency and reducing machining costs.



Outline of “Ace Coat AC405K/AC415K”



Negative type: 180 items (AC405K + AC415K)

Positive type: 92 items (as above)

Total: 272 items


[Prospective sales]

¥400 million for year ending March 2012
¥1.7 billion for year ending March 2015


[Standard price]

Standard product (CNMG120408N-GZ): ¥770 (¥808, including tax)



Of above lineup, 124 items were released on January 16, 2012; remaining 150 items will be launched in mid-March 2012.



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