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President’s Message: The president describes the Sumitomo Business Spirit and our CSR activities. SEI CSR EYE:This section introduces activities in regard to specific themes at selected SEI Group companies around the world.
CSR Basic Policy:This section presents our CSR basic policy and promotion structure as well as our relationships with stakeholders. Sumitomo Electric Group Stakeholder Dialogue:This section introduces an overview of the Stakeholder Dialogue, which was first organized in fiscal 2010.
Corporate Governance: This section presents our corporate governance basic policy and structure. Risk Management: This section introduces our initiatives regarding risk management and Business Continuity Plans (BCPs).
Compliance: This section describes our efforts to ensure legal compliance and adherence to corporate ethics. Information Disclosure and Information Protection: This section introduces our information disclosure and protection policy and activities.
Download CSR (Environmental) Reports: Our CSR (Environmental) Reports for fiscal 2008 and onward are available for download in PDF format.

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This website introduces the SEI Group CSR basic policy and presents the history and outline of our CSR activities. Annual results (numerical data) are published in the CSR Reports for the respective fiscal years.

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