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Ingenious Dynamics

Ingenious Dynamics

In this tag line, we carry the following message to society:

Each company of the Sumitomo Electric Group combines its unsurpassed creativity with knowledge and experience to generate dynamics that allow the Group to contribute to society.

"Ingenious" and "Dynamics," respectively mean:

  • Superior Capabilities
  • Unique Creativity
  • Customer-oriented Determination
  • Motivation
    (The Sumitomo Spirit)
  • Dynamism
    (Diversified Business and Technology Synergized for Overall Group Strength)
  • Energy for Transformation
    (Enterprising and Energetic)

“ID,” which standing for “Ingenious Dynamics,” also stands for the Sumitomo Electric Group Identity (ID), which we confirm by actively demonstrating our unique capabilities, and Infrastructure Development (ID), to which we remain committed.

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