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Mid-Term management Plan(VISION 2017)

Aiming to Become a “Glorious Excellent Company”

Mid-Term management Plan(VISION 2017)

The objective of the reorganization is to achieve the new med-term management plan, VISION 2017, the company announced in May by strengthening the collaboration within the Group, exhibiting its comprehensive strength, promoting quick and bold business decision making, and enabling an agile organizational operation.

Basic Concepts

Growth strategy based on business innovation

In order to create unique features and future potential by developing strategies which take into account the new needs of society in the future, “business innovation" is positioned as a concept underlying throughout VISION 2017.

Direction we should aim for

Our group will actively respond to new social needs with technologies and product lines in the mobility (automotive), energy, communications (ICT), and other supporting fields. We will also exploit our group's materials and process technology and information technology in the life sciences (needs for the high longevity/aging/care-based society) and resources (needs for the resource-conserving society) fields.

Definition of “business fields” where we will make efforts toward FY2017

Current Business Fields

Fields our group has been involved in thus far. In moving toward FY2017, we have selected mobility, energy, and communications (ICT) as the three fields where we will particularly exploit the strengths of our group. Current business fields also include supporting materials and products.

Integrated Business Fields

Fields for developing business in areas where there will be new social needs, such as the environment and infrastructure field, by combining and integrating the technologies and product lines in current business fields.

New Business Fields

Fields which our group will be challenging, such as the life sciences and resources fields.


Net Sales Operation Income ROA ROE
¥3,300 billion ¥200 billion Over 9% Over 8%


Interim Revision of VISION 2017 Targets

Interim Revision of VISION 2017 Targets
May 26, 2015


Sumitomo Electric Mid-Term Management Plan
May 27, 2013

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