Sumiden Wire Products Corporation Expands PC Strand Manufacturing Plant in Dayton, Texas

DAYTON, Texas (Dec. 14, 2021) — Sumiden Wire Products Corporation, a group company of Sumitomo Electric Industries (TYO: 5802), announced today it will double the capacity of its prestressed concrete strand (PC strand) manufacturing facility in Dayton, Texas. This expansion will bring a capital investment of over $5 million dollars and provide at least 10 new jobs for the area. The Dayton facility will expand to over 125,000 square feet with an annual production capacity of over 60,000 tons per year. The new capacity will be operational by first quarter 2023.

"In order to support the robust and growing Texas construction market, we are moving forward with the original vision we had in 2016 for the Dayton plant by adding this additional capacity," noted Jon Cornelius, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Sumiden Wire. "We are grateful to our wonderful Dayton employees and the Dayton community for the way they have supported us for the past five years, and we look forward to many years of continued success together in the great state of Texas."

The Dayton facility is strategically located close to key raw material suppliers and the robust Texas construction market. By installing additional world class production equipment with an already optimized plant layout and location, Sumiden Wire will be able to more effectively meet customers' needs for high-quality and globally-competitive PC strand products throughout the Texas and Gulf Coast region. Sumiden Wire has a total of three PC strand manufacturing locations: Stockton, California; Dickson, Tennessee; and Dayton, Texas. In addition to offering traditional ASTM A416 PC strand in each of these locations, Sumiden Wire is also able to offer ASTM A1114 stainless steel PC strand (Dickson plant) as well as ASTM A882 epoxy-coated PC strand (Dayton and Stockton plants).

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About Sumiden Wire Products Corporation:
Sumiden Wire Products Corporation was the first manufacturing investment in the United States by Sumitomo Electric Industries. The initial investment was made in Stockton, California in 1979 for the production of PC strand. An additional investment was made in Dickson, Tennessee in 1989 for the production of stainless steel wire. The Tennessee facility expanded its product offering to include PC strand for the eastern US market in 1997. The Dayton, Texas PC strand plant was established in 2017.

Media Contact:
Jon Cornelius
Executive Vice President/General Manager