The Curious Person's Guide to Sumitomo Electric Group

There are hundreds of companies around the world with "Sumitomo" in their name, and there are hundreds more without the name who are associated with Sumitomo businesses in one way or another. So it's no wonder that grasping who-does-what can be difficult. In this guide, we try to cut through this complexity by pointing out where you can find various types of info about the Sumitomo Electric Group. We hope this makes it easier for you to get a better idea of who we are. Now let's begin...

First of all, which "Sumitomo" are you?

In Japan, there are Sumitomo companies in many fields of business: trading, banking, mining, construction, pharmaceuticals, etc. Many of these companies share a common lineage to the original Sumitomo business of over 400 years ago, but today each company operates independently of one another. In our case, the parent company is Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (SEI), which is headquartered in Osaka. SEI has almost 400 subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Japan and around the world, and collectively we are known as the Sumitomo Electric Group.

What's the quickest way to learn about what you do?

We have a nine-minute video (see below) that shows some of the key products we manufacture in our five major business segments. These segments are automotive, infocommunications, electronics, environment & energy, and industrial materials. If you have a little more time to spend, then we recommend the corporate profile brochure that can be downloaded from this page. The brochure not only describes our key products, but also includes recent data on sales and profit, number of employees, geographical distribution of companies and revenue, and more.

What are you working on today?

Each of the Group's five business units is focused on different objectives. These objectives are part of a strategic business plan called VISION 2022, which lays out the overall growth strategy of the Sumitomo Electric Group between now and the end of fiscal year 2022. To learn more about this plan, click here.

What the pursuit of these objectives looks like on a day-to-day basis is something you can see on the company's LinkedIn page, where we regularly post about milestones in a particular business segment or announcements of new projects. The LinkedIn page is also used to share posts from the President's blog, where Mr. Osamu Inoue (President & COO of the Group's parent company, Sumitomo Electric Industries) writes about his visits to group companies, interactions with our business partners, and participation in internal events.

For a more in-depth look at the business units, we have a quarterly publication called ID Magazine. Each issue includes a feature story about how technology from Sumitomo Electric Group is being applied to address an important matter in society or industry -- for example, to supply renewable energy between countries or to help data centers handle ever-expanding volumes of data traffic.

Readers with more technical interests may like to know about this overview of our R&D organization, which is comprised of over a dozen labs focused on different areas of our business. We also have a semi-annual publication called SEI Technical Review, an in-house journal of technical papers written by our researchers and engineers.

If I want info about financial performance, where do I go?

Every three months we provide updates on the financial results of the current fiscal year, and after the completion of the fiscal year we issue an Annual Report. All of these documents are available for download from the Investor Relations section of this website.

There is also a snapshot of the company's financials on the Global Fortune 500 website. As of 2019, Sumitomo Electric Industries has been on this list every year since 1994.

How can I learn about your organization's values?

The foundational values of the Sumitomo Electric Group are referred to as the Sumitomo Spirit, a set of principles that is rooted in the origins of the company 400 years ago and that still guides our actions today. In 1997, we added the Sumitomo Electric Group Corporate Principles, which are five key principles that inform the way we do business and how we set our direction for the future. Taken together, the Sumitomo Spirit and the Sumitomo Electric Group Corporate Principles form the bedrock of corporate planning. The most succinct explanation of these ideals can be found on our Corporate Philosophy page.

As for how these values are manifested in our daily work, the Corporate Social Responsibility Report gives details on ongoing efforts in many areas such as product quality, product safety, workplace safety, workforce diversity, environmental management, and supply chain management. The CSR Report is published annually near the end of the calendar year. Every edition going back to 2013 are archived on this page.

The Sumitomo Electric Group's values are also expressed in our organization's Code of Conduct, which articulates the shared values and standards of conduct that are expected of each employee at every group company, all around the world. The Code is available in more than 25 languages and can be downloaded from this page.

Where do I find info about your company history?

The values of the Sumitomo Electric Group, our current activities, and our goals for the future are all inextricably woven into the company's long history, which officially started in 1897 with the establishment of Sumitomo Copper Rolling Works (the forerunner of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.). How we started and how we grew over the decades is described in the richly illustrated pages of the "120-Year Journey" e-book, which was created as part of our 120th anniversary celebration in 2017. The e-book can be downloaded from this page (links are at the top and bottom of the page).

On the other hand, if you prefer to see a highly condensed, just-the-highlights version of our company history, we have the following 8-minute video that was also made for our 120th anniversary celebration.

Finally, in terms of company history it's worth noting again that the Sumitomo Electric Group shares a lineage with many other Sumitomo companies. This history goes back more than 400 years to an age when samurai still ruled Japan. How an industrial giant grew from humble beginnings as a small shop selling books and medicines is chronicled in the "About Sumitomo" section of the Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee website.

This brings us to the end of the guide. If there is something about the Sumitomo Electric Group that you'd like to know more about but which isn't covered here, please contact us with your questions. Thank you.