R&D of New Technology in North America

As the first overseas R&D subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Innovation Core SEI (ICS) conducts research into next-generation technologies and markets, and creates new business in the fields of automotive, environment & energy, and infocommunications. We also support the globalization of R&D by promoting open innovation and our parent company's Global Internship Program.

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About Our Parent Company

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. is a recognized global technology leader with over 270,000 employees working at 390 group companies in 40 countries. Building on more than 120 years of innovation, today Sumitomo Electric is engaged in diversified business activities that support people's daily lives and industries in five business segments: automotive, infocommunications, electronics, environment & energy, and industrial materials. To learn more about Sumitomo Electric, please visit https://sumitomoelectric.com/.