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Sumitomo Electric’s products in the category of industrial materials supports a wide variety of civil engineering and industrial manufacturing. Some of our key products in this business segment are listed below. For a more comprehensive list of related products, please click here.

Products overview

  • Cutting tools made from different materials (cemented carbide, cubic boron nitride, or polycrystalline diamond) have been developed to help reduce machining costs. These tools are designed for metalworking processes such as turning, drilling, and milling. Related company: Sumitomo Electric Carbide

  • Prestressed concrete strand improves the tensile strength and durability of concrete structures, and is used to reinforce large bridges, buildings, LNG tanks, railroad ties, and airport pavement. We offer uncoated PC strand, epoxy coated PC strand, and stainless steel strand. Related company: Sumiden Wire Products Corporation

  • Powdered metal components are manufactured by compressing metallic powder into highly accurate and intricately shaped parts. These cost-effective components are designed for use in cars (engines and drivetrains) and other applications. Related companies: Engineered Sintered Components, Keystone Powdered Metal Company

  • Heatsink materials such as copper molybdenum, copper tungsten, aluminum nitride ceramics, and diamond are widely used to dissipate heat from high-power semiconductor chips installed in electric/hybrid electric vehicles, electric power converters, communication equipment, and LED modules. Related company: Sumitomo Electric USA

  • Stainless spring wire (nickel-plated wire) simplifies the manufacturing of springs because there is no need for additional coating prior to coiling, nor any need for pre-treatment before heat treatment. Nickel coating ensures that springs retain the same bright, consistent finish after heat treatment. Related company: Sumiden Wire Products Corporation

  • Stainless medical wire in a variety of grades can be custom-manufactured for many different medical uses: wire-reinforced catheters, guidewires for catheters, surgical staples, surgical sutures, endoscopic instruments, orthodontic arch wires, and more. Related company: Sumiden Wire Products Corporation