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Since the founding of Sumitomo Electric, we have been developing wire & cable technologies that are essential for ensuring stable power supply. Now we are also supporting the shift toward renewable energy and smart grids. Some of our key products for the energy industry are listed below. For a more comprehensive list of products, please click here.

Products overview

  • Power cables for a variety of electrical transmission needs are available. This includes high-voltage DC submarine cables, DC cables for photovoltaic generators, high-voltage AC underground cables, medium-/low-voltage electrical wires and cables, traveling cables, and super flexible cable. Related company: Sumitomo Electric USA

  • Ecology cables are made from materials that generate minimal amounts of dioxin and other toxic substances even when incinerated. We are also making efforts to protect the environment by supplying eco-friendly and recyclable cables that are easier to separate and recover than conventional cables. Related company: Sumitomo Electric USA

  • Superconducting cables made from bismuth-based superconducting wires with zero electrical resistance and strong electromagnets are expected to help conserve energy consumption due to small energy loss in power transmission. Related company: Sumitomo Electric USA

  • EV quick-charger connector assemblies from Sumitomo Electric provide a safe and easy-to-handle way to quickly power up electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Related company: Sumitomo Electric USA

  • Redox flow batteries are rechargeable batteries for use in power grid systems as a means to store electricity generated from solar power and wind power. They offer long service life with almost no degradation of electrodes and electrolytes, high safety due to being free of combustible materials, and availability of operation under normal temperatures. Related company: Sumitomo Electric USA

  • Porous material CELMET is used to make various industrial products such as electrodes for NiMH batteries and carriers for industrial deodorization catalysts. It has significantly higher porosity than porous metals made from sintered metal powder or metallic fibers. Related company: Sumitomo Electric USA

  • Poreflon microfiltration membrane modules are ideal for wastewater treatment applications because of their high durability, superior chemical- and heat-resistance, washability, easy handling (hydrophilic treatment), and high water permeability. Related company: Sumitomo Electric USA