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As electronic devices continue to get smaller, lighter and more functional, Sumitomo Electric meets the demands of device manufacturers by developing new materials, wires, and other components. Some of our key products for electronics manufacturing are listed below. For a more comprehensive list of products, please click here.

Products overview

  • Flexible printed circuits are a thin and lightweight wiring material that provide flexibility in electric circuit design and that also help make electronic devices smaller and lighter. They are used in mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, medical equipment, wearable devices, robotics, etc. Related company: Sumitomo Electric USA

  • Flexible flat cables are laminated cables that consist of multiple flat conductors arranged in parallel. Being thinner than conventional cables, they can contribute to the downsizing of equipment and devices. Related company: Judd Wire

  • Thunderbolt 3 cables enable high-speed data transmission between computers and various peripheral devices, which is especially helpful when working with high-definition video data. Related company: Sumitomo Electric USA

  • Heat-shrink tubing is used to bundle electrical wires and protect them from thermal damage, water damage, or corrosion. In addition to heat-shrink tubing, we also offer heat-resistant tubing and tapes. Related company: Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products

  • Compound semiconductor substrates (GaAs, GaN, InP) are used for laser oscillators and photosensitive elements of optical fiber communication systems; various types of transistors for mobile phones and other wireless communication systems; light sources of Blu-ray players; and white LEDs for lighting. Related company: Sumitomo Electric Semiconductor Materials