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In the automotive field, Sumitomo Electric develops products that support consumer demands for safer, smarter, and more eco-friendly vehicles. Some of the key products for the automotive industry are listed below. For a more comprehensive list of automotive products, please click here.

Products overview

  • Wiring harnesses are essential to the transmission of electricity and data throughout the vehicle. We manufacture many types of harnesses (including lightweight aluminum wiring harnesses) as well as components for wiring harnesses such as connectors and terminals. Related companies: Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Sumitomo Wiring Systems USA

  • High-voltage wiring harnesses for hybrid electric vehicles are comprised of electric wires that are covered with an aluminum conduit so as to shield the cables from shock and electromagnetic noise. Related company: Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems

  • Magnet wires are widely used in the motors of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles to convert electrical energy to magnetic energy. Related company: Sumitomo Electric Wintec America

  • EV quick-charger connector assemblies from Sumitomo Electric provide a safe and easy-to-handle way to quickly power up electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Related company: Sumitomo Electric USA

  • Anti-vibration rubber for engine mounts, etc., improves the safety and comfort of driving by absorbing and suppressing vibrations and noise from the car engine and road surfaces. Related company: Sumitomo Riko America

  • Automotive hoses for various types of automotive functions are available: rubber fuel hoses, resin fuel hoses, air control hoses, water hoses, oil hoses, air conditioning hoses, and power steering hoses. Related company: Sumitomo Riko America

  • Powdered metal components are manufactured by compressing metallic powder into highly accurate and intricately shaped parts. These components are designed for use in automotive engines and drivetrains. Related companies: Engineered Sintered Components, Keystone Powdered Metal Company

  • Flexible flat cables are laminated cables that consist of multiple flat conductors arranged in parallel. Being thinner than conventional cables, they can contribute to the downsizing of various devices within the car. Related company: Judd Wire

  • Heat-shrink tubing is used to bundle electrical wires and protect them from thermal damage, water damage, or corrosion. In addition to heat-shrink tubing, we also offer heat-resistant tubing and tapes. Related company: Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products