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Technical Paper

SEI Technical Review APRIL 2012 No.74

Present Status of International Standardization Activities for Superconductivity

SEI Technical Review OCTOBER 2011 No.73

Development of Coated Conductors by PLD Process for HTS Power Applications

SEI Technical Review OCTOBER 2010 No.71

High Temperature Superconductivity: Past, Present and Future

SEI Technical Review APRIL 2010 No.70

Japan’s First Operation of High-Temperature Superconducting Cable Systems in Live Grids (High-Temperature Superconducting Cable Demonstration Project)

SEI Technical Review OCTOBER 2009 No.69

GENESIS Project and Use of Sustainable Energy

The Road to Liquid Hydrogen Electric Vehicle Powered by High-Temperature Superconducting Motor - Utilizing Tank Trucks to Deliver LH2 -

TheTrends in International Standardization of Superconductivity

SEI Technical Review APRIL 2009 No.68

In-Grid Demonstration of Long-length “3-in-One” HTS Cable (Albany Project)

SEI Technical Review APRIL 2008 No.66

“GENESIS Project”and High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) DC Cable
-Keen Use of Ultimately Sustainable New Energies-

Present Status and Future Perspective of High-Temperature Superconductors

Development of Method for Analyzing Sintering Reaction of Bi-Based Oxide Superconducting Wires Using SPring-8

Development of New Types of DI-BSCCO Wire

SEI Technical Review OCTOBER 2007 No.65

Development of Superconducting Coil for Ship Pod-Propulsion Motors

Development of World’s Largest High-Temperature Superconducting Magnet with 20-cm-Diameter Room-Temperature Bore

Examples and Future Prospects of High-Temperature Superconductor Products

SEI Technical Review APRIL 2007 No.64

World’s First In-grid Demonstration of Long-length “3-in-One” HTS Cable (Albany Project)

Toward Practical Application of High-Temperature Superconducting Technology - How to Proceed with Fundamental and Innovative Research and Development that Extends Over Ultra Long Period of Time -

SEI Technical Review DECEMBER 2006 No.63

Achievement of High-Temperature Superconducting Wire with Critical Current Exceeding 200 A

Development of HoBCO Coated Conductor

Construction of 22.9-kV HTS Cable System for KEPCO Project in South Korea

SEI Technical Review JUNE 2006 No.62

Development of Drastically Innovative BSCCO (DI-BSCCO) Wire

Study on Commercialization of High-Temperature Superconductor

Study on Application of HTS Drive System for Movable Bodies

SEI Technical Review JANUARY 2006 No.61

Industrial Application of HTSC Coils Using Next-Generation BSCCO Wire

High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) DC Cable

Development of Second-Generation High-Temperature Superconductor Wire

SEI Technical Review JUNE 2004 No.59

High-temperature Superconducting Cable Technology and Development Trends

Development of HoBCO Coated Conductor

SEI Technical Review JUNE 2004 No.58

Development of Second-Generation High-Temperature Superconductor Wire

Development of Bi-based Superconducting Wires

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