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SIFO (Superconducting Inductive Floating Object)

Demonstration Set “Master Sifo”

Demonstration Set “Sifo”

SIFO has a powerful force to levitate a heavy object.

The current is induced to the floating coil by the strong magnetic field of superconducting coil.
Superconductor is zero resistance and so the induced current flow without decay.
The coil is levitated by the magnetic field generated by the superconducting coil.
"SIFO" is suitable for the demonstration of superconductivity.


7T HTS magne   HTS magnet for magnetic separation

HTS Floating Coil

HTS Driving Coil


Superconductor is Zero resistance, so the powerful magnetic field can be generated from the remote place.

"Remotor" is suitable for the demonstration.

7T HTS magne   HTS magnet for magnetic separation
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