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New DI-BSCCO series

DI-BSCCO (Dynamically Innovative BSCCO: (Bi(Pb)SrCaCuO) is a trademark of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric offers several types of DI-BSCCO as your requirement.


Type H

Type HT

DI-BSCCO Type H is the standard bare wire with High current density and is the basic DI-BSCCO.

DI-BSCCO Type HT is the Tough wire reinforced by the metallic lamination with High current density.

Type G


DI-BSCCO Type G is the wire with the reduced thermal conduction using the Gold-Silver alloy. This is the wire for the Power lead.


DI-BSCCO Type G are special purpose wires and will be produced as custom order.

Long-length Wires ~1500m

Long-length Wires ∼1500m

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