Yokohama Project

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Yokohama project

Japanese first national in-grid HTS cable Project, funded by METI/NEDO, started. (2007~)
HTS Cable

 Sumitomo Electric, TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) and Mayekawa are conducting an NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) HTS cable project, funded by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). The purpose is the demonstration for reliability of total cable system in Japanese grid. The 300MVA 3-in-One HTS cable will be laid in TEPCO's Asahi substation (Kanagawa prefecture, near Tokyo) .

Specifications of the cable system

Voltage - Current

66kV - 3000A

Cable capacity

300MVA (Line capacity : 200MVA)

HTS cable


3-cores in one Cryostat


about 240m (will be laid in 170mm duct)

Electrical Insulation

PPLP impregnated with LN2


2 End Boxes in Air and Joint

HTS wire


Fault Current Condition

31.5 kA X 2 sec

Cooling System

Circulation of sub-cooled LN2

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