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High Tc Superconducting Cable Project

Successful Completion of the Project

Since October 29, 2012, we have conducted the demonstration test of our high-temperature superconducting cable for over a year and on December 25, we terminated power transmission to the cable and warmed up the cable.
We have successfully verified the performance and reliability of the cable and completed the project in the end of February 2014.
With the end of this project, we stopped updating this Web site.
Thank you for your support and encouragement for this project.

Asahi substation

Project Outline


Verifying the reliability and stability of HTS cable operation at TEPCO Asahi substation in Yokohama

System Target

66kV/200MVA, 240m 3 core HTS cable

Project period

FY 2007~FY 2013


Tokyo Electric Power Company: Operation and analysis
Sumitomo Electric Ind., Ltd.: Development of SC cable
Mayekawa MFG. Co., Ltd.: Development of Cooling system

This work is supported by NEDO
 (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization).

3 core High Tc Superconducting Cable

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Installation System

Installation System
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