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World's first HTS Cable operated unmanned in utility grid, in underground network at Albany, NY (2006)
HTS Cable

 Sumitomo Electric, along with SuperPower Inc., A National Grid, The BOC group (Now Linde), conducted an HTS cable project in Albany, NY, funded by Department of Energy (DOE) and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The 34.5kV HTS cable was installed between two substations. On July 20th 2006, the cable system was connected to the grid and was transmitting the electric power to around 70,000 households.

Specifications of the cable system

Specifications of the cable system

Voltage - Current

34.5kV ? 800A

HTS cable


3-cores in one Cryostat


350m (Phase1) / 320m (Phase2)

350m (320m + 30m)

HTS wire




2 layers

3 layers


1 layers

2 layers

Electrical Insulation

PPLP impregnated with LN2


2 terminations (to overhead lines) and
1 joint (BSCCO to BSCCO<phase 1>, BSCCO to YBCO<phase 2>) in the vault


Underground (6 inch duct)

Fault Current Condition

23 kA X 38 cycles

Cooling System

Circulation of sub-cooled LN2

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