Replacing the electrodes

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December 17, 2018

Help Video for TYPE-72C/TYPE-82C

Help Video for TYPE-71M12

Help Video for TYPE-201eM4

Help Video for TYPE-201eVS

(1) Turn off the splicer.

(2) Disconnect the power cord.

(3) Remove the battery from the splicer.

(4) Open the hood.

(5) Loosen the thrmbscrew and lift the electrode cover plate.
(Take care not to touch the electrode tip against anything.)

Repeat the previous step for the other electrode.

(6) Take care not to touch the metallic part of the electrode.

(7) Install new electrodes.
(Take care not to touch the electrode tip against anything.)

Ensure that the electrode cover plate is fitted correctly.(For TYPE-72/82, TYPE-71M12)

If the electrode is not installed in the splicer properly, it will be lifted up and highter than the electrode which is installed properly.(For TYPE-72/82, TYPE-71M12)

(8) Plug in the AC adapter or insert the battery, and then turn on the splicer.

(9) Execute the arc conditioning.

(10) Tap the "SET" icon.

Arc automatically discharges 30 times.

(11) Go back to "Maintenance".

Arc count is reset.

(12) Perform an arc test.

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