The Sumitomo Electric FC-6S is one of the most popular cleavers in the mainland Chinese market. It has attracted the attention of many 'clone manufacturers' who build unauthorized counterfeit copies of our cleavers and cleaver cases. These are then offered for sale on the internet, usually via websites of various Chinese resellers, or on e-Bay. As of early 2014 the fake cleavers are all the standard FC-6S model, without the auto-rotating blade.

From early 2014, genuine Sumitomo Electric FC-6 cleavers have a new design of anti-counterfeit label on the cleaver lid and on the cleaver case. The appearance of the label varies depending on the illumination conditions...

If you rotate the cleaver 90°, the black text and silver background swap to become silver text on a black background.

If you view the label through a polarizing lens, you can see the text 'OK' embedded within the label.

This label is very difficult to reproduce so some manufacturers of counterfeit cleavers may use photos of genuine Sumitomo Electric cleavers on their web advertising.

Some producers of counterfeit cleavers claim they are the original producers that are selling excess stock. This is untrue. Sumitomo Electric cleavers are made by Sumitomo in Japan. Not by third parties in China.

None of our authorized Chinese distributors are allowed to sell cleavers, or splicers, outside mainland China. If you see a cleaver that looks like a Sumitomo Electric FC-6 offered for sale on the internet at an exceptionally low price, there's a very high probability it is a fake.