Lynx2-Customfit™ Field assembly splice-on connector

Fusion spliced SC, LC, ST, FC and MPO field installable fiber optic connectors.


Adapting splicing technology, Lynx provide highly reliable optical connector on site.
Optimize the cable length as exact length, Lynx solve cable snarl, slack in the floor, trays, and racks, moreover contribute to improve air-conditioning efficiency.


Area of Application: Lynx-CustomFit™

Area of Application: Lynx-CustomFit image

Products Lineup

Lynx2-SC Lynx2-LC Lynx2-FCM Lynx2-ST
Interface standard IEC61754-4 IEC61754-20 IEC61754-13 IEC61754-2
Insertion Loss
(against master plug)
SMF: Ave, 0.2dB, Max. 0.3dB
MMF: Ave. 0.1dB, Max. 0.25dB
Return Loss
(against master plug)
SMF: ≥ 60dB(APC), ≥ 55dB(UPC)
MMF: ≥ 30dB(PC)

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