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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.447]

2015 International CES

In January 2015, the Sumitomo Electric Group will first participate in the International CES (hereafter abbreviated as “CES”), which is the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show, held every January in Las Vegas, U.S. This article introduces some of our exhibits.

What is CES?

The CES is the world’s largest trade show in the field of consumer electronics. More than 160,000 individuals from more than 140 countries attended the 2014 CES held early this year. The 2015 CES features more than 3,500 exhibitors unveiling more than 20,000 new products. The Sumitomo Electric Group will exhibit products falling into the “Smart Home” category in order to introduce our original leading-edge technologies in the fields of mobility, energy and communication, together with products we have developed by integrating these technologies in order to enrich our daily lives and create a high-quality environment and society in the future. Please visit our booth when you have a chance to attend the CES.


Based on the concept of “We connect everything”, the Sumitomo Electric Group will introduce our new products for (1) infocommunications, (2) environment and energy, (3) electronics, and (4) automobile applications.

“ST4114” 4K smart IP set-top box


4K smart IP set-top box is a receiving terminal for an IP TV service that delivers video contents and various other value-added services to TV through an IP broadband line. With this terminal, the user can watch TV programs and use a video-on-demand service enabling him/her to enjoy various contents at any time. In addition, the user can access community information, enjoy games and shopping, and use various other cloud services. This terminal also enables the user to enjoy watching recorded video contents at any place within the house by delivering the contents to a smartphone, tablet, or other terminal.

At our booth, we will introduce “ST4114,” a terminal conforming to the 4K resolution picture format. You will be able to actually see video on a 4K TV.

* 4K resolution (Ultra HD 3840×2160 pixels):
The number of pixels on a 4K video is approximately 8,290,000, which is approximately four times that of full high-definition video. Such a large number of pixels enables even a large screen to display images more clearly and finely than ever. At the same time, to handle such a large number of pixels, it is indispensable to double the frame rate to 60 f/s to minutely display the quick motions of athletes when relaying sports and other athletic competitions.

2.Environment and energy
Energy solution

“Smart Home,” the category in which our exhibits fall, is supported by energy infrastructures. As our energy solutions, we will introduce on exhibition panels our products and technologies that are essential to the construction of energy infrastructures.

The concentrated photovoltaic system (hereafter abbreviated as “CPV”), one of our products that will be introduced on exhibition panels, achieves a superior power generation capability to that of crystalline silicon solar cells and other conventional photovoltaic power generation systems in a high solar radiation environment. Sumitomo Electric began in 2010 to develop a thin, lightweight photovoltaic module, and has carried out its in-house demonstration test since 2012. We are presently expanding its sales mainly in high solar radiation countries and regions.

In addition to the CPV, we will also exhibit panels of our redox flow battery, PLC string monitoring system, superconductive cable, and other photovoltaic power-related products.

Lenticular lens

Lenticular lens

Sumitomo Electric’s product line also includes a lenticular lens, an optical lens with a unique characteristic. The lenticular lens we will exhibit at our booth is used to view high-definition 3D images with the naked eye. To display high-definition 3D images on a liquid crystal panel, we design a lens most suitable for the shape and size of the panel.

At the exhibition site, we will showcase a demonstration unit that can display high-definition 3D images using a lenticular lens.

Standard charging connector

Standard Charging Connector

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) are attracting public attention for their role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and keeping abreast of the diversification of energy sources. Sumitomo Electric has been developing a cable with connector that can be used for charging PHEVs/EVs.

At the exhibition site, an easy-to-handle cable with a connector made of our highly flexible cable will be exhibited.

Information about Sumitomo Electric Group’s exhibits

Trade show period January 6 (Tues.) ? 9 (Fri.), 2015
Location/venue Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
Sands Expo & Convention Center
Category Smart Home
Booth No. #71339
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