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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.446]

Changes in the Percentages of Stocks in Sumiden Hitachi Cable Ltd.

On September 26, we at Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., as well as Hitachi Metals Ltd., Tonichi Kyosan Cable Ltd., and Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., reached an agreement on changes in the percentages of stocks in Sumiden Hitachi Cable Ltd, the joint venture funded by the four companies, and concluded a stock transfer agreement and a new agreement among the stockholders.

The stock transfer and acquisition is scheduled for November 1 (pending approval from the Fair Trade Commission).

Stock Percentages after Completion of the Stock Transfer
Stock Holding Company Current Percentage After Completion of Stock Transfer
Sumitomo Electric Industries 40% 56%
Hitachi Metals, Ltd. 40% 34%
Tonichi Kyosan Cable, Ltd. 10% 0%
Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. 10% 10%

Electric Wire & Cable, Energy Business Unit

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