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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.446]

Sumitomo Electric Releases SEVD™-02, EV Cable with Connector for DC Quick Charger/Discharger


In 2011, Sumitomo Electric released an electric vehicle cable with a connector for DC quick charger/discharger, SEVD™-01. Its splendid operability, safety, durability, and design have made it highly popular among our customers. We have now improved this cable by replacing its metal connector with a resin one to reduce the weight. It has now been released as a new product, SEVD™-02 (CHAdeMO compliant).


Features of SEVD™-02

1.Lighter connector

The weight of the connector has been reduced by 30% compared to the previous model, SEVD™-01.

2.Better visibility of charging indicators

LED lights are now placed on both sides of the grip to improve visibility of charging indication.

3.Exceptional operability and safety

Inheriting the effective design of its predecessor, SEVD™-02 offers excellent operability and safety performance.

4.Connector size remains the same

SEVD™-02’s connector size is unchanged and can be stored in the same size of space as the previous model.

5.Compliant with the CHAdeMO 1.0 standard
6.Lineup covers CE-certified* and low-capacity models

In addition to the CHAdeMO Ver.1.0-compliant model, a total of four products, including the CE-certified model and low-capacity model are available in the lineup.

* CE certification:
Specific products sold in the European Union (EU) must display the CE mark. Sumitomo Electric’s SEVD™-02 was certified by a third party to meet the mandatory safety requirements of the applicable EU directives.

・CHAdeMO is a registered trademark of the CHAdeMO Association.


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