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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.445]

Sumitomo Electric’s Oil Filled (OF) cable was listed as a “future Engineering Heritage” material of the National Museum of Nature and Science

Sumitomo Electric’s 66 kV OFZN 675 mm² cable has been designated by the National Museum of Nature and Science as an important historical material that has contributed to the development of science and technology in Japan, and registered in the list of “Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technologies” (popularly called “future Engineering Heritages”) in fiscal 2014.

The “future Engineering Heritage” is a registration system established by the National Museum of Nature and Science in 2008 to demonstrate the historical materials that have played key roles in the development of technology in Japan and that should be carried over to future generations, as well as to preserve and utilize historical materials that have exerted remarkable influence on people’s lives, economy, society and culture. In fiscal 2014 list, 49 materials have been registered.

The newly registered 66 kV OFZN 675 mm² cable was first laid in 1930 to transmit electric power from the Tokyo Keihoku Substation to the Ogu Substation of the then Nihon Denryoku, an electric power company. This cable is the oldest existing 66 kV OF cable in Japan.

Fifty-five years after the cable was laid, in 1985, its electrical properties, insulating paper properties and other properties were measured. The measurement results revealed that these properties remained almost unchanged, although they showed insignificant deterioration, verifying that the cable was highly reliable and had long-lasting performance. As the above measurement results verified, this cable is highly reliable and is used even today. The National Museum of Nature and Science regarded the high performance of this cable and registered it in the fiscal 2014 “future Engineering Heritages” list.

As an electric cable manufacturer, Sumitomo Electric will continue to make the most of its original technologies in developing new products that will contribute to the development of our society.


66 kV OFZN 675 mm² cable (owned by Sumitomo Electric’s Osaka Works)


Registration certification ceremony




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