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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.444]

Collaboration with KEPCO in addressing supply/demand stabilization during summer

This year, Sumitomo Electric has again been working to stabilize electricity supply/demand during the summer as a registered building energy management system (BEMS) aggregator for Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (KEPCO). The system is aimed to reduce energy consumption by managing operations of devices and facilities at low-volume, high-voltage power users such as small- and medium-sized buildings and plants.

A BEMS aggregator stabilizes electricity supply/demand by using a “demand response” system, in which an aggregator asks individual electric power users to reduce their power consumption, thereby controlling electricity demand, in the case of tight supply/demand. This system, along with power generation, is drawing attention as a new, viable business for adjusting electricity supply/demand.

Now that renewable energy is developing, the role of the demand response system, which can quickly and easily stabilize electricity supply/demand, has become increasingly valued.
Formulated this spring, the Basic Energy Plan presents a guideline to promote utilization of a demand response system through BEMS aggregators.

Currently, the demonstration project of the demand response automation server (DRAS) is being undertaken at the EMS Shinjuku Demonstration Center of Waseda University on the initiative of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. As one of the major participating companies, Sumitomo Electric has been working on the demonstration test of basic functions of DRAS and sophistication of the demand response to precisely control power consumption of all types of household appliance.


Companies cooperating with the BEMS aggregator for KEPCO

  • - Sumiden Shoji Co., Ltd.
  • - Sumitomo Electric Industrial Wire & Cable Inc.
  • - Sunray Reinetsu Co., Ltd.
  • - Kansai Pipe Industries, Ltd.
  • - Sumisetsu Techno Co., Ltd.
  • - MIRAIT Corporation
  • - MIRAIT Technologies Corporation
  • - Optifrontier Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Infrastructure Business Promotion Division.
Infocommunications and Social Infrastructure Systems R & D Center

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