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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.444]

Group Company of the Month: SEOC

Sumitomo Electric Optical Components (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (SEOC) was established in 2002 as a manufacturing subsidiary, the major operations of which are assembly and production of optical connectors, optical modules and other items for the Lightwave Network Products Group. As a result of a production shift overseas, some items are no longer manufactured in Japan, and are only produced at SEOC.

Recently, by partly localizing component production, such as by using components from Chinese manufacturers, SEOC is continuing its daily efforts to realize cost reductions.

【Reporter】Takayasu Yamauchi Vice President

A report from SEOC, China, an optical component manufacturer striving every day to provide even better products

Takayasu Yamauchi
Vice President


Directly experiencing China’s dynamic growth and working hard every day to improve the QCD in manufacturing our products

SEOC is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China. Wuxi is situated in a corner of the Yangtze River Delta, which also contains Shanghai and Suzhou. Wuxi was one of the earliest cities to begin the process of internationalization by attracting foreign capital around the time of the Chinese economic reforms of the 1990s. In the city there are many other Japanese-affiliated companies. Probably because of this background, many of the Chinese staff at SEOC are good at Japanese. It is not unusual for local staff alone to participate in telephone conferences with staff in Japan on a daily basis. At our company, staff work using both Japanese and Chinese.

I was transferred to SEOC in May 2010. Since this is a manufacturing subsidiary, I work very hard every day to improve the QCD in manufacturing our products. In addition, I’m also in charge of procurement of local components from neighboring manufacturers, and management of the entire company. Directly experiencing China’s dynamic growth, together with other staff, I’m currently attempting to introduce the JIT production system, while utilizing the Sumitomo Electric Group’s manufacturing concept with production technology cooperation from Japan. We are striving to ensure that the principle of the three “actuals” (actual place, actual item, and actual situation) is shared across the entire company, and trying hard every day to improve productivity and quality and realize cost reductions. In cooperation with local staff, I am working very hard every day.

SEOC staff

■Profile of Local Staff Members

Huang Junjie

Huang Junjie

Hello, everybody. I’m Huang Junjie. After joining this company in June 2011, I became a member of the Human Resource Group of the Business Management Department. My responsibilities cover a wide range of fields, including improvement of the working environment for staff, external relations, personnel labor relations, welfare programs, and support for other departments. Working very energetically, I feel that I’m obtaining a wide range of knowledge. While receiving instructions from senior members, I would like to continue to do my best to help achieve the growth of the company and attain my own goals ? to acquire extensive knowledge, understand the entire operation at the company, and support the top management.

Wu Junxiang

Wu Junxiang

Hello, everybody. I’m Wu Junxiang. I joined SEOC in June 2003, and now I’m in charge of production labor management. Although I’m very busy every day, I feel that my job is very fulfilling.

I’m aware that communication is the most important factor for a productive workplace. In step with the development of the Sumitomo Electric Group, I would like to ensure continuous growth for myself, thereby further contributing to the company.

【Places of Interest】Wuxi, City Continuing to Grow
Harmony between Old Chinese Streets and High-Rises

Commercial development facilities along a water channel

As home to a population of approximately six million people, Wuxi is developing remarkably and ranks third in GDP per capita of all cities in China. It takes approximately 40 minutes from Shanghai to Wuxi by high-speed rail, and there is also an airport in the city, increasing its accessibility. Since Taihu Lake, which is mentioned in Mushaku-Ryojo (Emotions of a Traveler in Wuxi), once a hit song in Japan, is located nearby, there are water channels in the city. In the neighborhood, there are newly developed commercial facilities and apartment buildings, providing harmony between the old Chinese streets and high-rises. On holidays, these facilities draw many people, causing heavy congestion.

International Brand Launching Operations

Facility housing UNIQLO and Starbucks

This developing city is continuing to attract many international brands, such as UNIQLO and Starbucks. The number of commercial facilities housing such foreign-affiliated brands has been increasing rapidly lately, and these facilities are always crowded with many visitors. In pace with the dynamic growth of China, Wuxi will also continue its development.

Work-life Balance

People enjoying dancing at night

To people in China, time spent after work is, of course, important. It seems that they achieve a good work-life balance by enjoying themselves together with their friends or family. At night, many people stroll around the city, or enjoy dancing to music in a park in the city. This is a scene that makes me feel that they truly enjoy not only their work but also their personal lives.

  City street on a holiday, congested with cars, electric motorcycles, buses, and pedestrians   Forty minutes from Shanghai  
  New apartment buildings constructed one after another   Restaurant district known to almost all Japanese living in Wuxi  

Company Profile

Sumitomo Electric Optical Components (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (SEOC)

Company name Sumitomo Electric Optical Components (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (SEOC)
Established December 2002
Business Manufacture and processing of lightwave network products
Representative Kazuhito Saito
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