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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.439]

Newly Developed Extra-thick, 19-wire Pre-Grouted Prestressing Steel Strand Achieved the World’s Highest Strength

Sumitomo (SEI) Steel Wire Corp. has developed the world’s most robust 19-wire steel strand; the extra-thick, φ29.0 mm, prestressing concrete (PC) strand has achieved a minimum tensile load of 1,139 kN and a minimum tensile strength of 2,080 N/mm2.

The new robust PC steel strand has increased tensile load by 20% from the previous toughest strand, φ28.6 mm, specified by JIS standard G3536 (minimum tensile load 949 kN and minimum tensile strength 1,782 N/mm2), thus more effectively reinforcing concrete structures. This product reduces the number of steel strands used in a structure, downsizes the material design, minimizes the environmental impact, and contributes to resource, energy, and workday savings.

Sumitomo (SEI) Steel Wire Corp.’s existing 7-wire, φ15.7 mm, and high-strength PC steel strand has a good track record in road bridges and concrete structures. The newly developed thicker, φ29.0 mm, high-strength PC steel strand is expected to expand the company’s market share even further.

Processed with pre-grouting* technology, this steel strand also has high corrosion resistance and workability. Depending on installation conditions, two types are available: a conventional in-cable type that is placed inside a concrete structure, and an out-cable type that is placed outside a concrete structure. Related equipment to strain and fix the product along with an entrenching system to maintain stressing force has also been developed.

Sumitomo (SEI) Steel Wire Corp. would like to broadly contribute to the development of high-quality and economical social infrastructure by providing excellent products and services.

In-cable type, extra-thick, 19-wire pre-grouted PC steel strand (φ29.0 mm)

* Pre-grouting:
The surface of the PC steel strand is covered with post-curing epoxy. An outer sheath of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is formed by continuous extrusion molding. The product is firmly attached to the concrete structure through the surface asperity of its HDPE sheath after the epoxy coated on the wires cures later.


Sumitomo (SEI) Steel Wire Corp.

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