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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.439]

The 14th Fiber Optics Expo

Sumitomo Electric will participate in the 14th Fiber Optics Expo (FOE 2014), an exhibition specializing in optical communications technology, to be held from Wednesday April 16 to Friday April 18 at Tokyo Big Site.

FOE 2014 is one of the largest trade shows in Asia, exhibiting the latest equipment and technologies for photonic communications systems, transmission equipment and devices both inside and outside Japan. The Sumitomo Electric Group will exhibit the latest optical cabling solutions that achieve high performance and functionality in a compact and lightweight body with improved operability such as compact optical fiber fusion splicers and fiber optic connecting tools. The Group's booth will also introduce a thermometric system that analyzes spatial heat distribution in a data center to reduce the energy consumption for air conditioning there.


■Handy Splicer Type-201 series and Type-71 series

Handy Splicer Type-201 series and Type-71 series

These two new fusion splicer series ? the smallest and lightest in the world - provide improved workability and reliability under any working conditions. A touchscreen along with a help function in the form of a moving image enables easy operation for anybody.

■MPO cassette/MPO cable connector


The Multi-fiber Push On (MPO) cassette and cable connector enable high density wiring for multi-core fiber optics.

■19-inch rack pre-wired optical panel

19-inch rack pre-wired optical panel

Pre-wired in a factory, this optical panel significantly reduces field work hours.

■Data center thermometric system

Data center thermometric system

Used in combination with a fiber optic temperature distribution measuring device, this system enables accurate analysis of spatial temperature distribution to reduce the energy consumption for air conditioning in a data center. Also, by employing other types of sensors, the system centrally gathers and monitors temperature along with humidity, wind speed, and power consumption.

■Optical cable for FTTH wiring “EZremove™-PLUS”

Optical cable for FTTH wiring “EZremove-PLUS”

This SZ-slotted core optical cable enables safer and quicker core stripping work, necessary for mid-span branching.
This SZ-slotted cable with pre-cut binding tape eliminates the risk of damaging optical fiber ribbons during branching work, thus greatly reducing work hours in Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) construction.

Place Tokyo Big Sight
Booth East 4 Hall, 25-20
Exhibits ●Handy splicer (Type-201/Type-71 series)
●19-inch rack pre-wired optical panel
●MPO cassette/MPO cable connector
●Data center thermometric system
●Optical cable for FTTH wiring “EZremove™-PLUS”
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