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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.438]

Toward a Distant Goal

Masayoshi Matsumoto President & CEO

As usual, the recent Olympic Games produced a wide variety of drama; while some athletes celebrated their moment of great joy, others experienced deep despair. At these world’s premier games, participated in by topnotch athletes who are all almost equal in skill, various elements, such as event schedules, facilities, the weather, and the athletes’ mental conditions, all mingle together and interact with each other, affecting the results of the games. Attracted by such subtle but profound complexity delivered even through the TV screen, I watched the games while holding my breath.

One of the most prominent Japanese athletes at these games was Noriaki Kasai, the silver medalist ski jumper, aged 41. According to a TV program, he had even conducted a wind tunnel experiment to find the most appropriate flying posture. He had collected and analyzed objective and scientific data, and based on these, continued a rational training program. This, combined with his unwavering attitude of always aiming higher, led him to achieve the wonderful result.

This also applies to a company; the use of data is imperative to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses, and to reinforce its corporate characteristics. The information collected in a proper manner never lies.

Needless to say, in both business and sports, what counts is what you will do after collecting the necessary data. People who have the capability to read the data, develop strategies toward their goals, and steadily implement the necessary strategies are needed. As Mr. Kasai did, how many people in a company stick to their ambitious goals, maintain their motivation, and work very hard every day? I believe that this is the key for a company to secure continuous growth.


Masayoshi Matsumoto President & CEO

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