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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.437]

Group Company of the Month: SSMC

Sumitomo Electric Semiconductor Materials (Changzhou), Ltd. (SSMC) was established in 2011 as a company slicing gallium arsenide crystals manufactured in Japan by the Sumitomo Electric Group into wafers, and grinding them. Such manufactured wafers are sold to customers in Japan and abroad for use in mobile phones and LEDs.

【Reporter】Tetsuya Yamazaki Director

Report from SSMC, which processes gallium arsenide wafers for mobile phones and LEDs

Tetsuya Yamazaki


Working hard every day to help staff members understand and acquire important technological and management points regarding products and manufacturing

Located in the industrial development area in Wujin District, the city of Changzhou between Shanghai and Nanjing, we are 2.5 hours from Shanghai by car, and 1.5 hours away by high-speed rail (bullet train).

Engaged in the 2011 plant construction and operation launch, in January 2013 I was transferred to SSMC. Currently, as the person in charge of the quality assurance and technology divisions, I’m promoting improvement in various systems and enhancement of quality and productivity levels.

Considering that we are still a young company that commenced production just two years ago, in my daily responsibilities I always focus on helping our staff members understand and acquire important technological and management points regarding products and manufacturing. To ensure that they can respond to requests from customers promptly, I would like to continue helping all the staff members improve their skills.

SSMC staff

■Profile of Local Staff Members

Cao RenQiang

Cao RenQiang

Hello, everyone! I’m Cao RenQiang. I joined SSMC in September 2012. As the leader of the manufacturing section, my responsibility is manufacturing management at the plant to achieve a monthly production plan.

Although there are many young staff members with insufficient experience at the manufacturing site, they are very vigorous, giving me lots of energy for our company’s growth. As a member of SSMC, I’d like to continue doing my best for the company’s future development.

Ni XueLian

Ni XueLian

Hello. I’m Ni XueLian of SSMC. I joined this company in February 2011, when the company was established. Since the company started from scratch without any factory or other facilities, we experienced working in a wide range of jobs, and sometimes difficulties. However, these experiences are invaluable assets in my life that I’m now really proud of.

Currently, as accounting manager, I’m promoting efforts to raise the level of management in cooperation with various divisions. As a member of the Sumitomo Electric Group, I look forward to developing myself together with the company.

【Places of Interest】Changzhou ? Political, Economic, and Cultural Center of Southern Jiangsu Province
Key Town in Central Wu Region and Famed Capital among Eight Cities

Newly opened shopping mall

For more than 1,700 years since the Western Jin period, Changzhou has thrived as a capital or province. Touted as the “key town in central Wu region and famed capital among eight cities,” Changzhou now serves as a political, economic, and cultural center of Southern Jiangsu Province, and has many beautiful parks. Currently, the city is experiencing outstanding development. You can find many newly completed structures, such as a shopping mall and apartment buildings, here and there in the city. The shopping mall houses a wide variety of shops, ranging from a well-known xiao long bao (soup dumpling) shop headquartered in Shanghai to restaurants with cuisines from various districts in China and dessert shops. While in Changzhou, you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes.

The Only Existing Construction Technique in the World

Yancheng Spring & Autumn Park

Changzhou is home to three theme parks rated as A4 or higher according to the country’s rankings. One is Yancheng Castle Remains in Yancheng Spring & Autumn Park. As the castle remains of the Western Zhou period and the Spring and Autumn period are the only ones in the world with three circles of cities and rivers, the remains was designated as an important cultural asset.

Daily Life

When the weather is fine, many people stroll around parks, where some people perform a sword dance. I also see many groups of women dancing in various parks almost every night. At SSMC, during break time we enjoy playing badminton and other sports. In China, roller-skating and cycling are becoming popular. On weekends, I see many children practicing roller-skating, as well as many cycling teams.

  Amusement zone in Yancheng Spring & Autumn Park   Red Plum Park and Tianning Temple  
  Bus rapid transit   Children practicing roller-skating  

Corporate Profile


Company name Sumitomo Electric Semiconductor
Materials (Changzhou), Ltd
Established February 2011
Business Manufacture and sale of gallium arsenide compound semiconductor wafers
Representative Yoshio Karu
Employees 60 (as of the end of December 2013)
(Japanese expats: 2)
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(C) 2015 Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
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