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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.434]

Optical Fiber Distribution Solution for Factory “FTTF”

Sumitomo Electric System Solutions Co., Ltd. provides a solution to the optical fiber distribution to a factory (Fiber To The home solution for the Factory: FTTF). It supports high speed data communication and offers a fast, highly functional, highly reliable, and failure-resistant network solution. Since its release, the FTTF has been well-received by customers.

■Product data
Release date January 2004

What is FTTF?

FTTF is a data communication service for factory network, the lifeline of companies, based on the FTTH technology, an optical communication service for general households.

Comparison of expansion work between FTTF and conventional wiring


What are the features of FTTF?

Conventional wiring methods have problems such as high expansion work costs and poor scalability. By applying our unique knowhow on wiring design, we have been able to respond to various customer needs related to the expansion of systems while taking into account future requirements, increasing speed, etc. High flexibility and scalability are thus some of the features of this solution. In addition, the optical cable core can be branched to the desired place, allowing relocation and expansion work to be carried out in a short time and at reasonable cost.

Moreover, FTTH-Manager, the network monitoring system that we have developed, helps system administrators to locate system failures, if any, on their PC monitors, thereby contributing to prompt system recovery.

■Interview with engineer in charge
What is the background to the development of FTTF?

Yu Chikuda Sumitomo Electric System Solutions Co., Ltd. Smart Engineering Division, Engineering Department, 1st Engineering Section, Technology Team

The mainstream factory infrastructure 10Base5 had the merit of being able to attach the transceiver anywhere that was desired, allowing easy relocation and expansion. With the aging of 10Base5 and the increase in the demand for high-speed networks, more and more infrastructures were tending to use optical cable. In contrast, our solution was developed to meet the needs of customers wanting to take advantage of the merit of 10Base5.

What features of this product are well regarded by customers?

System administrators are delighted to have been able to sharply reduce management workload. In addition, due to the simple configuration and centralized management system at the center, failures can be located easily, thereby minimizing network shutdown time; expansion and relocation construction time has been dramatically shortened, thereby reducing the influence on production lines; and the time and efforts for adjustments with other departments have been reduced greatly, and so on.

Customers opting for the physical redundancy configuration with looped trunk cable are happy that they have succeeded in building a robust infrastructure at exceptionally low cost compared to Star-type physical redundancy configurations.

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