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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.433]

Sumitomo Electric Osaka Works Wins Semi-Grand Prize at the Osaka Environmental Awards

Our Osaka Works was awarded a semi-grand prize by Osaka Prefecture at the Osaka Environmental Awards in recognition of the facility’s global energy saving diagnoses.

The Osaka Environmental Awards honor individuals, groups, or business operators working to create a richer environment, serving as models for others, and achieving outstanding results.

Sumitomo Electric has been implementing energy saving diagnoses not only in our domestic business facilities, but also in our affiliated companies in other parts of Asia. It is anticipated that these efforts will spread throughout Asia, a region that has experienced remarkable growth in energy consumption, raising people’s awareness of the importance of the environment, and generating a ripple effect. This has enabled the Osaka Works to receive the award this time.

Additionally, great expectations are placed on many other efforts being promoted by Sumitomo Electric with the focus on Asia, such as improvement in our collection of energy-saving examples, which is available in three languages.

Sumitomo Electric will continue its global energy saving diagnoses.


Safety & Environment Department

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