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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.432]

Sumitomo Electric’s Booth at ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013

ITS World Congress Tokyo2013

ITS World Congress Tokyo will be held from Monday, October 14, 2013 and the concurrent exhibition will start from Tuesday, October 15. Sumitomo Electric will be exhibiting various products in the areas of traffic infrastructure, automobiles, and energy based on the concept of “Smart Connected Society.” We will also be proposing solutions for supporting communities that are eco-friendly, safe and comfortable by linking automobiles and homes, automobiles and traffic infrastructures using our information and communication technologies.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth.




■Mobility (Automotive)
  • ・Next Generation Central Gateway
  • ・PLC-ECU for Charging System
  • ・Superconducting Motor System
  • ・Coil Unit for Wireless Charging System
  • ・Bi-directional On-board Charger
  • ・DC Charger Connector (CHAdeMO Conformity)
  • ・Charging Connector (Combo Type1)
  • ・Battery Wiring Module
  • ・High Voltage Cable for HEV
  • ・Aluminium Wiring Harness
  • ・Automotive High-Speed Optical LAN

PLC Unit for Charging

PLC Unit for Charging

The power line communications (PLC) unit controls the charge and discharge of power for efficient use in vehicles and homes.

■Mobility (Telematics)
  • ・Telematics
  • ・Freight Transportation Management Systems
  • ・Traffic Control System
  • ・Traffic Signal Controller with Built-in Battery
  • ・Advanced IR-Beacon
  • ・700 MHz ITS Band Wireless Communication Unit
  • ・Image Processing Vehicle Detector for Driving Safety Support System (DSSS)
  • ・Millimeter Wave Radar
  • ・Wireless Station and Control Unit for Emergencies
  • ・License Plate Reader System
  • ・Stress Monitoring Sensor for Steel Wire

Traffic Signal Controller with Built-in Battery

Traffic Signal Controller with Built-in Battery

In the event of power failure caused by storms and other disasters, a built-in battery automatically supplies power to the controller for continued operation.

  • ・Molten Salt Electrolyte Battery (MSB)
  • ・Redox Flow Battery
  • ・Direct Current Micro Smart-Grid Demonstration System
  • ・Megawatt-Class Power Generation/Storage System
  • ・Superconducting Cable
  • ・HEMS-related Equipment/Electric Power Visualization System

Redox Flow Battery

Redox Flow Battery

With the capability of precise monitoring and control of power storage, this battery is well-suited for effective use of solar power, wind power, and other renewable energy that fluctuates irregularly and wildly.


Sessions (Scheduled)

■Technical / Scientific
  • ・(TS012) Development and Verification Tests of Driving Safety Support Systems Utilizing ITS Radio System
  • ・(TS015) Development of Image-processing Vehicle Detector for DSSS (Driving Safety Support System)
  • ・(TS016) Effects of and Future Plans for MPD Traffic Control System/Traffic Data Collection and Analysis Functions
  • ・(TS026) Automatic Detection and Recognition of License Plates in Thailand
  • ・(TS027) V2V I2V/V2I and I2I Communication Service with 700MHz-Band for ITS
  • ・(TS038) Effects and Future Plans for Sophisticated MPD Traffic Control System/Signal Control
  • ・(TS039) Time Synchronization of Plural Roadside Units in 700MHz Band Intelligent Transport Systems
  • ・(TS049) MPD Traffic Control System, Its Congestion Monitoring and Countermeasures
  • ・(TS094) Actuated Signal Control for Right-Turn by Using V2I Cooperation System
  • ・(TS127) ITS at the Time of Disaster
  • ・(TS042) Development of EV Power Consumption Estimation Engine on Distributed Processing Platform
  • ・(TS042) An Application Platform for Electric Vehicle Route Planning
  • ・(TS108) Development of New AC/DC Converter for PHEV/EV
  • ・(TS130) Development of EV/PHEV Charging System
  • ・(TS130) Development of Communication ECU for EV/PHV Charging Systems
■Special Interest Sessions
  • ・(SIS06) Positioning and Road Map Data for I2V Cooperative Systems
  • ・(SIS08) Tomorrow’s Traffic Management - Technics for the Enhancement of Prediction and Simulation
  • ・(SIS49) ITS at the Time of Disaster

Date October 15?18, 2013
Venue Tokyo Big Sight
Time 9:00-17:30 (October 15, from 11:00; October 18, to 14:00)
Booth No. 098
Website URL

・SmARTCell is a registered trademark of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

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