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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.431]

Restructuring Corporate Structure for New Business Development

Sumitomo Electric restructured its organization on June 26 in order to accelerate its new business development, as described below.

The objective of the reorganization is to achieve the new med-term management plan, VISION 2017, the company announced in May by strengthening the collaboration within the Group, exhibiting its comprehensive strength, promoting quick and bold business decision making, and enabling an agile organizational operation.

New Business Development Unit and New Business Marketing Department were newly organized

The New Business Development Unit commenced operations by taking over the three business themes of SiC power devices, magnesium alloys, and water treatment from the R&D Group and existing business units. These business themes have been positioned as “integrated business fields” and “new business fields” in VISION 2017. This business unit will continue to take over other development themes while carefully watching the progress of R&D and seeking optimum timing for launching new businesses.

The New Business Marketing Dept. is responsible for catching various social needs in a timely manner and collaborating with the New Business Development Unit and R&D Group to promote new business development from the viewpoint of marketing.

R&D Group was reorganized

The R&D Group was reorganized into three R&D Centers and seven core technology laboratories. R&D Centers integrate various technological resources of the Group and pursue the possibility of utilizing these resources in mobility, energy, communication, and other fields, while core technology laboratories deepen the core technologies that have been developed and accumulated by the Group and innovatively upgrade these conventional technologies and businesses.

* The names of the new organizations described above are subject to change.

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