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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.431]

T1500Z - cutting cermet coated with Brilliant Coat, next-generation superior lubrication film -

Sumitomo Electric has developed T1500Z, a new general-purpose coated cermet grade, and commercialized it in February this year. Coated with the industry’s first next-generation superior lubrication film, Brilliant Coat, this grade ensures a beautifully finished surface when cutting steel.

■Product data
Start of sales Feb. 2013

What is T1500Z cutting cermet coated with Brilliant Coat?


Cermet is a hard alloy made mainly of titanium compounds. It has a low affinity with iron and can achieve a beautifully finished, sheen surface when used for cutting iron-based metals. One of the noticeable advantages of the new cermet is that it does not contain as much tungsten, a rare resource, as other cemented carbide alloys used for most conventional cutting tools.

The newly developed Brilliant Coat, a next-generation lubrication film, on the other hand, displays superior lubrication performance and significantly reduces the reaction with iron-based metals. When used for coating cermet cutting tools, this lubrication film significantly reduces adhesion of the in-process materials and prevents surface blemishes, thereby finishing the workpieces with highly sheen, smooth surfaces with uniform roughness.

Due to its extremely high wear resistance, Brilliant Coat also extends cutting tool life to about 1.5 times or more that of conventional tools.


Where is T1500Z used?

Cutting tools with T1500Z cutting cermet are used for finish-cutting the steel components of automobiles, industrial machinery, and other equipment.

■Interview with engineer in charge
What are the difficulties in developing Brilliant Coat, a next-generation lubrication film?

Ms. Sachiko Koike Tool Materials Development Group, Hard Materials Development Dept., Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corporation

Cermet tools are popularly used for various cutting purposes, and accordingly user needs differ greatly. In particular, users require that the cutting tools should have extremely long service life and achieve high quality finished surfaces. Different characteristics were required for a new coating film to meet these user needs. It was difficult to give such different characteristics to a single coating film. To overcome this difficulty, we introduced a new coating technology and developed a non-conventional superior lubrication film. There was no conventional production process that could be used to produce Brilliant Coat, and therefore, we had to establish a completely new production process. It took a lot of time to improve the equipment and fix reliable mass production conditions, but we could finally make this film into a product.

What features of this product are well regarded by users?

Users appreciate the newly developed Brilliant Coat cermet for its capability of stably achieving excellent cutting quality from the very early stage of use. Users comment that they can use the new cermet to achieve such strict cutting surface quality that cannot be achieved by conventional coated cermet. The extremely long service life of this cermet is also appreciated as a means of reducing the cost of machining.

・Brilliant Coat is a trademark or registered trademark of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

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