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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.431]

Group Company of the Month: SEST

Currently, the Sumitomo Electric Group has three affiliated companies for sintered components in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia). Against the backdrop of the expansion of the Thai automobile industry, which is now the 10th largest in the world in terms of production volume, Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (SEST) is beginning to play a pivotal role in our businesses in Southeast Asia. Additionally, great expectation is placed on the company as a manufacturing center for Southeast Asian countries and South Asian countries, including India, where the demand for automobiles is expected to grow.

【Reporter】Hideo Kobayashi Senior Manager, Sales Department

A report from SEST, where great expectation is placed as the core company for our businesses in the expanding automobile industry in South Asia

Hideo Kobayashi
Senior Manager, Sales Department


Working on business planning and production management, and learning every day to handle various duties I’ve never tried before

Established in 1996, SEST celebrates its 17th anniversary this year. Overcoming various difficulties, such as the Asian currency crisis right after our establishment, the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008, and the flooding in Thailand in 2011, we have continued increasing our sales. As a result, we have now developed into one of Sumitomo Electric’s largest plants outside Japan for sintered components, with more than 600 employees.

Transferred to SEST in October 2011, I’m a sales manager and administration coordinator. My major responsibilities include business planning and monthly gain/loss management. As for sales matters, I focus especially on gaining orders for automobiles based on ASEAN market strategies. As for administration affairs, there are many matters I’ve never been involved in before, such as pay negotiations. I’m learning every day to handle these matters.

Now that we are scheduled to begin manufacturing new products with relatively high technology in 2014 or after, we will further promote training for our local staff members and establishing appropriate systems, thereby reinforcing the company’s bases.

SEST staff members

■Profiles of Local Staff Members



Hello. I’m Natthapat, a member of the SEST manufacturing technology section. I’ve been engaged in processing-related matters for three years. My responsibility is to pursue more effective conditions and to ensure that the conditions are applied as the standard. SEST handles many new orders and actively works on new technologies, making my job very fulfilling. Since I’m good at Japanese, I often refresh myself by joking with Japanese staff members. Continuing to value communication, I would like to secure my further growth.



I have been working in the SEST sales section since 2002. I’m in charge of responding to automobile manufacturers and household electric appliance manufacturers, with my major responsibilities being estimate preparation for new orders and deadline management. I have been learning many things since I began working for this company; my 10 years at SEST are truly significant. My coworkers show excellent teamwork, making me relaxed and feeling as if the team were a big family, and presenting a comfortable atmosphere to work in. I will focus on new sales expansion and business improvement to ensure SEST’s further development.

【Places of Interest】Thailand - Country of Religious Beliefs and Smiles

Wat Pho

Culture of Deep Respect for Buddhism

Many people in Thailand believe in Theravada Buddhism, and are very pious. For example, you can find in a taxi flower offerings to the Buddha. You can also observe in the streets people wearing a pendant with the motif of the Buddha, and people doing tambun (offering food and drinks to monks). In this country, there are many temples here and there. As for sightseeing destinations, the gorgeous Wat Pho and the Historic City of Ayutthaya are especially renowned. While the former is not only famous as a temple but also as the origin of Thai style massage, the latter bears traces of the country’s dynastic days.

Country of Smiles

Country of Smiles

People in Thailand, which is called “a country of smiles,” are very friendly and generous. In the streets, almost all Thai people smile at you. If they see a baby, they will play with the baby; if you are standing with your children on a train, they will give the children their seats without fail.

Khao Yai National Park

Less Well-Known World Natural Heritage Site

Approximately 200 km north-northeast from Bangkok is Khao Yai National Park, a world natural heritage site 85% of which is covered with forests. This is also the country’s oldest national park, where there are more than 2,000 types of plants and more than 350 types of birds. The park contains an approximately 40 km hiking walkway, where you can enjoy trekking.


City of Bangkok


Elephant riding in Ayutthaya

  Phi Phi Island, where the movie The Beach was filmed (Phuket)   Water market, renowned as a sightseeing spot  

Company Profile


Company name Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (T) Co., Ltd.
Established November 1996
Business Manufacture and sales of sintered components
President Norimichi Yunoki
Employees 655
(Japanese expats: 9)
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