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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.430]

SEC-Threading Tools “SSTE/SSTI Types”

SEC-threading tools, SSTE/SSTI Types

Sumitomo Electric has released SEC-threading tools, SSTE/SSTI Types, fitted with indexable inserts. These tools ensure high-quality thread cutting with sharp edges and efficient chip disposal via a specially devised chip-breaking mechanism that makes them suitable for threading pipes as well as fabricating industrial machine and aerospace equipment parts.

Feature 1: Sharp cutting edges that enhance thread quality

Although these tool inserts are categorized as M-class, the flank near the cutting edge is polished and the chip breaker is configured at a large rake angle to exhibit superior cutting performance equivalent to that of fully polished tools. Thus, these tools ensure high-quality, low-cost thread cutting with minimal amount of burrs left at the thread edges and very little peeling of the flank faces.

Feature 2: Specially designed chip breaker that facilitates chip disposal

Use of “modified flank infeed cutting*” with a protruded 3D mold breaker ensures efficient chip disposal and dramatically reduces cutting edge fracture, thereby further extending the tool’s service life.

Feature 3: A lineup of 110 insert types to meet every thread cutting need.

A lineup of 110 types of indexable inserts has been created. These include general purpose inserts without a flat cutting edge, as well as ones with a flat cutting edge that can meet the needs for cutting metric screw threads, unified screw threads, tapered pipe threads, and other threads complying with various screw specifications. These products can be used for thread cutting in a wide variety of industries, from general industrial machines to aerospace.

Modified flank infeed cutting:
A method of cutting threads using mainly one edge of an insert.


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