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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.430]

New Milling Cutter for High-Efficiency Cast Iron Finish-Machining “SEC-GOALMILL, GFX Type”

Sumitomo Electric has released “SEC-GOALMILL, GFX Type,” a new milling cutter for high-efficiency cast iron finish-machining. Comprising an originally devised user-friendly cutting edge adjustment mechanism and indexable inserts arranged alternately lengthwise and crosswise, the milling cutter is superior in economic efficiency and enables high-accuracy cutting with high-efficiency cutting at a high level.




Indexable insert for SEC-GOALMILL

Feature 1: Uniquely devised skill-free cutting edge adjustment mechanism

An easy-to-handle elastic deformation mechanism has been built into the cutting edge unit of the cutter body. This mechanism makes it easy for an unskilled worker to adjust the axial runout of face cutting edges to 2 μm or less, which is necessary to finish the workpieces to a surface roughness of JIS Ra 1.6 or better. Previously, it was very difficult for even a skilled worker to adjust the axial runout of cutting edges to such a high accuracy.

Feature 2: Cutting edge arrangement that ensures high-efficiency machining

Indexable inserts with a rectangular cutting face are alternately arranged lengthwise and crosswise around the circumference and on the face of the cutter body in order to optimize the numbers of corners and cutting edges in use. This cutting edge arrangement dramatically suppresses chatter vibration of the cutting edges, which leads to high-efficiency, high-accuracy surface finishing.

Feature 3: Special-purpose inserts that achieve high-accuracy, long-life, low-cost machining

With an accurately sintered arc-shaped cutting face for each cutting edge, the special purpose inserts achieve a good balance between high quality and economic efficiency in finish-machining. The service life of the milling cutter is also extended by the use of ACK260 and ACK280, which are special materials made by coating numerous layers of highly abrasion-resistant physical vapor deposition (PVD) films.

・“GOALMILL” is a trademark or registered trademark of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


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