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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.430]

Cable with V2H (Vehicle to Home) Connector “SEVD-V1”

Cable with V2H connector, SEVD-V1

With the rapid popularization of electric vehicles (EVs) that reduce global warming gas emissions and contribute to the stable supply of energy, development of a V2H (vehicle-to-home) system is attracting public attention. This system can be used to charge the battery installed in an electric vehicle and also supply the stored electric power to the home.

■Product Data
Start of sales June 2013

What is the SEVD-V1?

The SEVD-V1 is a cable with a V2H connector that connects an electric vehicle power system (EVPS*1) to an EV to get electric power out of the large-capacity battery installed in the EV or store nighttime electric power in the battery. Sumitomo Electric has developed this cable this year. This cable is easy to handle and highly safe.


What are the advantages of SEVD-V1?

Sumitomo Electric designed the SEVD-V1 cable stylishly after taking into account that it would be used personally. Weighing only 600 grams, this cable can be managed with one hand. The cable is provided with a failsafe mechanism to lock the connector electrically (*2), thereby preventing it from detaching from the charging terminal while the cable is carrying electric power.

  • ・To attach the connector:
    Press the lock button to its end. A micro switch turns on when the connector attaches completely.
  • ・To detach the connector:
    Press the release button twice. The connector is detached only when it is not carrying electric power.

Through a series of tests required for certification as a CHAdeMO connector, the compact, lightweight SEVD-V1 has been confirmed to exhibit superior characteristics.

In addition to the SEVD-V1 for V2H application, Sumitomo Electric developed in 2012 the SEVD-01 (to CHAdeMO specifications), a cable with a quick charger connector for charging an EV battery.

A system for charging/discharging large-capacity EV batteries
*2Locking with a solenoid

■Interview with engineer in charge
What were the difficulties in developing the SEVD-V1?

Already commercialized quick-charger connectors are mainly used for utilities. In contrast, we have developed this product with personal use in mind. In development, we put top design priority on “user-friendliness” after considering that this product would be used every day though handled with care.

We also carried out various characteristics evaluation tests and reflected the test results several times into the product design.

What features of this product are well regarded by customers?

Many individual users appreciate that it is extremely lighter and easier to handle than the quick charger connecter and cable.

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* “SEVD” is a trademark or registered trademark of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Inc.

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