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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.430]

Group Company of the Month: FSCT

First Sumiden Circuits, Inc. (FSCT) was established in March 1996 as a flexible printed circuit (FPC) manufacturing company. The Sumitomo Electric Group has several FPC manufacturing bases in Asia. FSCT, one such base, manufactures and sells FPCs for mobile phones and HDDs, the company’s major fields, as well as for many other items such as liquid crystal displays, digital cameras, games, optical discs, and automobiles. The company will begin manufacturing FPCs for mobile phones in larger quantity this fiscal year in order to handle bulk orders, causing all staff members at the company to unite even more and work even harder.

【Reporter】Yuki Yamamoto FSCT trainee (March 2013)

A report from FSCT, a manufacturing and sales base for FPCs used in mobile phones, HDDs, and various other items

Yuki Yamamoto
FSCT trainee (March 2013)


Dispatched as a trainee in January this year and working hard to learn sales skills!

FSCT is located in an industrial park in the Province of Laguna, about one-hour drive and approximately 40 km southeast of the airport in Manila. FSCT was established in March 1996 as an FPC manufacturing base by the three companies of Sumitomo Electric, Sumitomo Corporation, and the Lopez Group (a major corporate group in the country). In December 2011, FSCT became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric. At FSCT, we have not only a facility-intensive upstream process and a labor-intensive downstream process, but also a mounting process, enabling us to achieve integrated production of FPCs. Most of our sales come from exports. In cooperation with the Flexible Printed Circuits Division, which supervises the FPC business, and Sumitomo Electric Group’s sales bases around the world, all staff members at FSCT strive to strengthen efforts regarding Safety, Environment, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Research & Development (SEQCDD).

From January to April 2013, I was transferred as a trainee from Sumitomo Electric’s Flexible Printed Circuits & Components Sales Department to FSCT. I participated in a training program to sell our products to large-scale mobile phone manufacturers. All local staff members at FSCT were cheerful and showed me a lot of hospitality. They were friendly enough to somehow communicate with me, even though I was not very good at English and had some difficulty making myself understood in the language. During the training period, I worked hard to overcome my allergy to English as soon as possible and did my best so I’d be able to fully demonstrate what I learned from the training program.


■Profiles of Local Staff Members

Judy May Padilla

Judy May Padilla

This year is my 13th anniversary working at FSCT. Currently, I work as an inspection process line leader. I believe that I was able to become a line leader because I have drilled the instructions and advice from my supervisors into my head very carefully, and always keep thinking of what I should do for my work. Continuing to take this approach, I would like to further contribute to the development of FSCT.

Ruby Quianbao

Ruby Quianbao

I presently work as a section chief of the mounting process. At first, I had a lot of difficulty handling products that I wasn’t familiar with. Although sometimes I needed to work late, I always looked at various troubles as opportunities for me to further develop my skills. In addition, this attitude of mine was highly regarded by people around me, which has led to boosting my motivation to continue working at this company.

【Places of Interest】Philippine and Japanese Customs are Different

President Miyake’s birthday

People spending a lot of money on their birthdays?

Unlike in Japan, where people with birthdays are usually celebrated and receive presents from others, in the Philippines, on your birthday, you usually treat others around you to dishes as a token of appreciation. During my training period, I was lucky (!?) enough to be at the company on President Miyake’s birthday. At the company cafeteria, I received a present (some delicious food), which was the gift offered by President Miyake to more than 100 staff members.

Having Merienda

Merienda ? eating between meals

In the Philippines, people have “merienda,” in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner. What makes me surprised is the content of merienda, which sometimes consists of cookies or other snacks, but other times comprises rice, noodles, meat, or other food that is usually served as a main dish. Additionally, while some people have merienda just once a day, others have it a few times a day. At FSCT, time is surely set aside for merienda twice a day.

English proficiency of Philippine People

In the Philippines, people speak Filipino and English as their native languages. According to a survey conducted in 2012, people in the Philippines spoke English the best among all non-native speakers of English around the world. In almost all areas in this country, such as shopping malls and restaurants in the streets, you can communicate with people in English, making Japanese people relatively less hesitant to communicate with people in this country. Please come and visit the Philippines!


Chocolate Hills


Boracay Island

  The Philippine sea, perfect for diving   San Augustin Church, World Heritage site  

Company Profile


Company name First Sumiden Circuits, Inc.
Established March 1996
Business Sales and manufacture of FPCs
President Hisahiro Miyake
Employees 2,358
(Japanese expats: 5)
2013 Index
(C) 2015 Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
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