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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.429]

New Uncoated Cermet Cutting Tools “T1000A” for Turning Applications

In pursuit of “glossy, brilliant finished surfaces with uniform roughness” that are particularly required of cermet cutting tools, Sumitomo Electric has promoted the development of cermet materials that do not violently react with iron-based metals.

As a result, the Company has recently developed and released an uncoated cermet cutting tool “T1000A” whose reactivity with iron-based metals has been dramatically suppressed by improving the composition and bonding strength of hard particle components. The new tool ensures stable surface finishing of steel, cast iron, sintered alloys and many other work materials over a long period.

1. Longer service life with higher defect resistance

Improving the composition of hard particles consisting mainly of titanium compounds, the basic component of cermet, and the sinterability of the cermet itself has diminished its reactivity with iron-based metals and, at the same time, enhanced its abrasion resistance and defect resistance. Indexable inserts made of the new cermet for polish-finishing by precision profile machining are particularly useful for creating brilliant workpiece surfaces with stable dimensional accuracy over a longer period.

2. Higher abrasion resistance

With abrasion resistance about 1.5 times that of our conventional tools, the new cermet cutting tools exhibit long service life in profile machining and continuous finish machining, thereby dramatically reducing machining costs.

3. Wide product lineup

The number of indexable insert series on the shelf has been increased to 501, which is about five times that of our conventional products.


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