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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.426]

Development and commercialization of T1500Z, a cutting cermet coated with Brilliant Coat, a next-generation film featuring excellent lubrication performance

Sumitomo Electric has developed and commercialized T1500Z, a new general-purpose coated cermet material. Coated with the industry’s first next-generation lubrication film Brilliant Coat, it achieves a beautifully finished surface when cutting steel.

Cermet, which is made mainly of titanium alloy, has a low affinity with iron and can achieve a beautifully finished, sheen surface when used on iron-based metals. This material has attracted public attention recently because it requires a small amount of tungsten, a rare resource.

Sumitomo Electric has been developing materials and coating technologies that decrease the reaction of iron-based metals to achieve a sheen and beautiful finish with uniform surface roughness.

Feature 1:Excellent lubrication characteristics

The newly-developed Brilliant Coat has superior lubrication performance, significantly reducing the reaction with iron-based metals. As a result, adhesion of in-process material can be significantly reduced, preventing surface blemishes, and achieving a high-sheen, beautifully finished surface with a uniform surface roughness.

Feature 2:Wear resistance

In addition to its superior lubrication performance, the wear resistance of Brilliant Coat is 1.5 times higher than our conventional products. It achieves a beautifully finished surface and a long service life as a finishing tool.

Feature 3:Wide product lineup

The T1500Z series includes 372 items, twice as many as the number of indexable inserts in our conventional products. With its wide lineup, this product can satisfy various processing needs.

・Brilliant Coat is a trademark or registered trademark of Sumitomo Electric Industrial, Ltd.


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