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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.426]

A Joint Smart Grid Pilot Project to Connect PHVs and Electric Power Grid Started in Indiana, U.S.

State of Indiana, U.S.

The inauguration ceremony for a demonstration test project for plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs), in which Sumitomo Electric is participating together with Toyota Motor Corp., took place on January 16, 2013 in Indiana, the United States. This project aims to verify a system that will enable efficient power charging from power supply networks to PHVs based on the supply and demand conditions of the electric power supply. Parties involved in this project attended this ceremony, including a representative from Sumitomo Electric. A test PHV was handed over to each of five monitored families, who are ordinary consumers living in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Monitored consumers receive the keys for their test PHVs

Joint operation verification

Power plug-in for test vehicles

This verification test is being performed jointly by Toyota Motor Corporation, Duke Energy Corporation, which is a major power supplier in the U.S., and Energy Systems Network, an incorporated NPO. The PHV-charging system will be verified for one year from 2013 in the test, in which the PHVs will communicate with power supply networks through two-directional digital communication that complies with standard telecommunications technologies established by the Society of Automotive Engineers. This will enable the performance of the communication system to be verified along with the operation of the power-charging control system.


Contribution to society

Sumitomo Electric is in charge of developing facilities for communication between the PHV interior and the charger and the home gateway (HGW) facilities that enable communication between the PHVs and the power grid. Since the start of the project in November 2011, the in-house operations and affiliates involved, which include Automotive Technology R&D Labs., Information & Communications Labs., Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc., AutoNetworks Technologies, Ltd., Automotive Business Unit, and Infrastructure Business Promotion Div., as well as Innovation Core SEI, Inc., which serves as the point of contact in the area where the test is being performed, have been executing the project in cooperation.

We intend to contribute to building a low-carbon society through these projects and our product development.

Shigeki Sugiura, General Manager of Toyota Motor Corporation (left); Paul Mitchell, President & CEO of Energy Systems Network. (center); and Kazuhiko Hayashi, Executive Officer of Sumitomo Electric (right)


Automotive Business Unit, Infrastructure Business Promotion Div.,

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