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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.426]

Group Company of the Month: SESG

Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Germany) GmbH (SESG) was established as the Powder Metal Products Division’s manufacturing base in Europe in 2007, when Sumitomo Electric and Sumitomo Electric Sintered Alloy, Ltd. purchased the U.S. Cloyes Gear’s plant in Germany, which had been in operation since 2003. Currently, SESG manufactures and sells powder metal parts used for automobile engines’ variable valve timing control/lifting components and manual transmission components mainly to Japanese-affiliated car parts manufacturers, and these products are found in many European and U.S. automobiles.

【Reporter】Shinji Mitani Engineering Coordinator

A report from SESG, which actively strives to receive new orders as an advanced mass-production base of sintered parts for European automobiles

Shinji Mitani
Engineering Coordinator


As an engineering coordinator, committing to improvement of plant safety, product quality, and production technologies

Compared with the Powder Metal Products Division’s other bases outside Japan, SESG is still small, with a monthly production volume of around 120 tons. Compared with about two years ago, however, we have almost doubled in size in terms of both our production scale and the number of personnel.

I was transferred here in July 2011 as an engineering coordinator. Presently, providing support for German engineers, I’m working on the improvement of the plant’s general safety, product quality, and production technologies. Although it is natural for Japanese people to react to their co-workers’ unspoken wishes with split-second timing, this working style does not apply to German people. In this regard, I always try to explain as carefully and logically as possible why the relevant job needs to be done and what the purpose of the job is.

Since financial instability was generated two years ago in Europe, there has been no real cause for optimism regarding the region’s economy. Nevertheless, the German automobile industry has been relatively favorable so far. Although major European automobile manufacturers will accelerate the shift of their production bases to the BRIC countries, it is expected that their development and advanced mass-production bases for new models and new components will remain in Europe for the time being. We strive to receive orders related to such advanced mass-production to ensure that it will lead to the placement of orders to other bases of Sumitomo Electric’s powder metal products group.

SESG staff members
■Profile of Local Staff Members

Andreas Ast

Andreas Ast

GO ANZEN!! I joined this company as a manufacturing technology staff member in 2003, when the plant began operation. Since 2011, as a deputy plant manager, I’ve been responsible for the management of production and facilities. Our production scale has been growing considerably for these two years. While I’m pleased with the company’s development, this is making me still more aware of my responsibility.

I love cycling and enjoy this activity with my two children at weekends. I commute by bicycle throughout the year, covering approximately five kilometers one way. How eco-friendly!

Weichenhai Ines

Weichenhai Ines

I began to work as a temporary staff member in 2007, and became a permanent employee in 2010. Currently, as the shift leader of the process of 100% inspection for finished external appearance, I’m doing my best every day to ensure that no defective goods are delivered to our customers.

In my private life, while parenting two children, I enjoy playing volleyball and touring by motorcycle. I have a 650 cc bike made in Japan.

[Places of Interest] Zittau, Town with a Blend of the Cultures of Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland
Zittau, a National Border Town Located on the Eastern Frontier of Germany

Border shared by three countries

Zittau, home to SESG, is located in the southeastern part of Saxony State, Germany. Sharing borders with Poland and the Czech Republic, this small city has a population of approximately 28,000. (The total number of Japanese residents is only six, comprising SESG’s Japanese staff and their families, plus one female resident.) Zittau once thrived as a member of the League of Six Towns of Upper Lusatia, as well as a center of textile and brown coal mining, although all the related facilities were closed immediately after the reunification of Germany in 1990. Old structures in the town, such as the Town Hall located in the center of the town and Salz Haus (salt storage), remind visitors of the town’s prosperity in those days.

Short Spring and Summer with Lush Green and Long Winter with Severe Coldness

Zittau is located at the northerly latitude of 50 degrees. Even in summer, it begins to get chilly in late August, and it is not unusual to have snow accumulation in late October. In the middle of winter, the sun sets at around 4:00 p.m., with the temperature declining to 20 degrees below zero. On the other hand, in summer, the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, although this only lasts for a few weeks in the middle of July when it is hot and humid. From late April, when the snow begins to melt, to August, open caf?s are established at many restaurants. At weekends, you can see many German people ? who love to debate ? enjoy talking over beer and wine. Another characteristic point of this country is the establishment of many lanes for bicycle riders. Many people, regardless of their gender or age, love to cycle in the short, but pleasant spring and summer, blessed with lush greenery.

  Voluminous German dishes   Steam engine in daily operation   View from the plant Environmentally friendly wind power generation  

Zittau Town Hall


Saxony Switzerland

  Approximately a 1.5 hour drive to the lake castle in the suburbs of Dresden   Also approximately a 1.5 hour drive to Prague, known as the “City of Hundred Spires”  

Company Profile


Company name Sumitomo Electric Sintered
Established October 2007
Business Manufacture and sales of powder metal parts
Representative Naoki Inui
Employees 126 (as of December 2012)
(Japanese expats: 2)
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