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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.425]

Release of Chip Breakers EG Type and EF Type for Difficult-to-Cut Materials

Sumitomo Electric has released the general-purpose “Chip Breaker EG Type” and “Chip Breaker EF Type” that exhibit superior chip removal performance and wear resistance in cutting such heat resistant alloys and other difficult-to-cut materials as titanium alloys and nickel alloys. The EG Type is used for semi finishing and rough cutting, while the EF Type is used for finish cutting.

“Chip Breaker EG Type” for semi finishing and rough cutting

With a characteristic wavelike rake face configuration having a large rake angle of 30° and a reinforced edge land configuration, this chip breaker dramatically reduces crater wear when cutting titanium alloys, boundary failure when cutting heat resistant alloys, and tool damage that is often experienced when cutting difficult-to-cut materials. This chip breaker particularly exhibits both superior chip removal performance and wear resistance in semi finishing or rough cutting of difficult-to-cut materials, making this breaker useful for cutting a variety of difficult-to-cut materials.

“Chip Breaker EF Type” for finish cutting

Focusing on sharpness enhancement by minimizing the distance between the edge and wall, the rake angle of this chip breaker was set at 20°. As a result, this breaker significantly reduces chip curl diameter during finish cutting, thereby improving greatly the chip treatability as compared with conventional chip breakers. This advantage also prevents chips from affecting the surface of the work in process, ensuring high quality finished surfaces. In addition, a newly designed rake surface configuration with regularly grooved geometry ensures the sharpness and strength of the breaker edge. The newly designed rake surface configuration protects the breaker from accidental edge failure and thus reliably extends the tool life.


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