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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.425]

Group Company of the Month: SESH

Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (Shanghai) Ltd. (SESH) was established in 2000 as a manufacturing and sales base for electronic wires and flat components. Today the company supplies products to electronics and automotive customers in China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and North America.

[Reporter] Kosuke Ariga, SESH

A report from SESH, where all employees are making coordinated efforts to enhance operational efficiency amid rising labor costs and a labor shortage.

Kosuke Ariga


To serve ever-changing customer needs, sales activities are pursued in close coordination with relevant departments both within and outside the company

Located in the northeastern part of Shanghai, about half an hour’s drive from the city’s air gateway, Pudong International Airport, SESH manufactures and sells electronic wires and flat components.

I was assigned here in July 2011 and am mainly involved in sales of electronic devices and thin-film battery components used in electric vehicles. My responsibilities include expanding sales by finding new markets and customers, developing sales plans, negotiating delivery dates and prices, and credit collection. The electronics industry needs to keep up with customer demand that keeps fluctuating, depending on sales of final products. For this reason, we are involved in a wide range of activities for constantly reviewing and fine-tuning our production systems to accommodate customer demand and to make a profit, working in close coordination with the various production departments within the company as well as relevant offices in Japan and abroad, which I find challenging and rewarding.

In the coastal regions of China, where income levels are rising, issues such as labor cost hikes and labor shortages are becoming apparent. SESH is no exception in that it faces the need to enhance its operational efficiency under an increasingly complex business environment, and as such, all SESH employees are making united efforts to expand sales and profits.

Both Japanese and English are commonly spoken in our offices, but I also attend Chinese language classes every weekend, since I believe that mastering Chinese is essential for smooth communication and for a deeper understanding of the host society.

SESH staff members
■Profiles of Local Staff Members

Mr. Diao Yulin

Mr. Diao Yulin

Hello, I have been with SESH for 10 years since I joined in 2002. My name is quite unique in China, and so customers tend to remember it well, which I find advantageous as a sales representative.

Compared to when I joined, SESH has grown both in the sales volume and number of employees, increasing the challenges and fulfillment of working here. I plan to continue to put strenuous efforts into further expanding sales.

When I am not working or spending time with my family I enjoy golf, which was introduced to me by one of my bosses. There are many beautiful golf courses in and around Shanghai, which I highly recommend.

Mr. Chen Yanqing

Mr. Chen Yanqing

Hello, my name is Chen Yanqing and I work for the Technology & Production Department. I joined SESH in 2007 and my responsibilities include design work for local production in China as well as sales expansion. I participated in the Global Leadership Program (GLP) held in Japan last August, which was a very fruitful experience that enabled me to understand the history and strengths of our group of companies. The electronics industry is very quick-paced, but I am looking forward to putting further efforts into creating better products and enhancing customer satisfaction.

[Places of Interest] Shanghai, a Megalopolis where Old and New Coexist
Profile of Shanghai City

High-rises in Shanghai’s Pudong area.

Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, Shanghai is one of the most economically developed cities in China. It covers 6,340 square kilometers (about the size of Gunma Prefecture) and has a population of about 24 million, of which roughly 14.5 million have Shanghai hukou (the rest hail from other provinces in China or abroad). Shanghai currently has the largest expat Japanese population among the world’s cities, and is home to approximately 60,000 Japanese nationals (the student population of Shanghai’s Japanese schools is also among the world’s largest).

Suburban town on the water

Rich Variety of Tourist Attractions

Shanghai, where many foreign concessions were established since the 19th century, is outstanding among Chinese cities in its multicultural flavor. A walk through the city offers a tireless variety of sights: alleyways where local people play out their daily lives, the Bund (Wai Tan), lined with venerable western-style buildings, and Pudong on the opposite bank, with its ultra-modern skyscrapers.

Shanghai offers many types of visitor attractions within a single city. A trip on a local bus, for instance, will take you to the suburbs (though technically still part of Shanghai City), where there are a number of riverside or canal towns such as Zhujiajiao, which retain their 16th-century historical ambience.

Excellent Street Food

Xiaolongbao dumplings

As culturally diverse as it is, Shanghai naturally offers great variety when it comes to cuisine. Japanese and other international fare is of course available, but I prefer to sample local Chinese food whenever possible, and enjoy eating out on weekends.

My top recommendation is the xiaolongbao. Shanghai has many well-known establishments that typically serve this dumpling for as little as 15 yuan (about 190 yen) per head, and are consequently always busy with local diners. I recommend that you too try these local favorites when you are in Shanghai.


High-speed trains


Yuyuan Garden at night

  Traditional working-class neighborhood   Street food  

Company Profile


Company name Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (Shanghai) Ltd.
Established August 2000
Business Manufacture and sale of electronic wires and flat components
Representative Toshinori Yoshiba
Employees 1,062 (as of December 2012)
(Japanese expats: 7)
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