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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.424]

Group Company of the Month: SFF

Established in November 2008 jointly with Futong Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou SEI-Futong Optical Fiber Co., Ltd. is an optical fiber manufacturer (51% owned by Sumitomo Electric and 49% by Futong Group). After the construction launch in April 2009 and the operation commencement in September 2010, the company’s shipment volume exceeded 10 million km in October 2012. With the progress of the establishment of information infrastructures, China is now the world’s largest customer country for the optical fiber industry. The country is the key to the strategy of Sumitomo Electric’s information and communications business segment, and also an important manufacturing base for the company.

【Reporter】Hitoshi Shodo/Plant Engineering Section, Production Department, SFF

A report from SFF, which strives to enhance its market share by introducing the most advanced technologies and a cutting-edge plant and overcoming challenges

Hitoshi Shodo
Plant Engineering Section, Production Department, SFF


Supervising plant management in an environment quite different from that of Japan, and striving to increase the production volume and reduce costs

Our company is located in Fuyang City, approximately 40 km west of Hangzhou City, the capital of Zhejiang Province. Approximately three years have passed since I was transferred to SFF in August 2009. While I was at first engaged in the construction and launch of a new plant, I’m now responsible for the supervision of the plant management. At the time of the construction of the new plant, in an environment quite different from that of Japan, I had a lot of difficulties when filing various applications and managing processes, budgets, safety and other issues. Thanks to the generous cooperation of many people, however, the operation was successfully launched as scheduled.

The demand for optical fibers in China is very robust. With the FTTX market being established gradually, a further increase in demand is expected in the future. However, the optical fiber market is very severe in terms of quality demand and price competition. To beat our competitors, we have introduced the most advanced technologies and a cutting-edge plant. Currently, our most important theme is to increase the production volume and reduce costs, by ensuring the stable operation of the plant, increasing the operation rate, and fully demonstrating our technological capabilities.

We are now facing new challenges, such as the rise in the prices of raw materials and the shortage of power supply. However, if we can overcome these problems, we will be able to acquire the best opportunity to increase our market share. With the cooperation of Sumitomo Electric’s production groups, all our staff members will continue to work very hard.

SFF   At the office
■Profile of Local Staff Members

Shaohua Wang

Shaohua Wang

Hello, everyone! I’m Shaohua Wang from the Quality Assurance Department. I was transferred from the Futong Group to SFF in April 2010. While at the Futong Group I was engaged in a job related to optical fiber cables, now my work is related to ISO9000 at the Quality Assurance Department.

SFF is now demonstrating growth on a daily basis, just like a growing baby. Although we face various difficulties, all the members of SFF strive to transform the company into a strong business entity.

Jiayan Wang

Jiayan Wang

Hello, everyone! I’m Jiayan Wang of the Finance Department. I joined SFF in March 2010. It was an invaluable experience for me to be involved in the process from the launch of the new company to the commencement of a successful manufacturing operation.

My daily work at the Finance Department always brings a feeling of challenge. Although I’m busy every day, I’m very fulfilled in my job. My job policy is to make my utmost efforts and make improvements on a daily basis. Many of my coworkers are young. They are lively and passionate. We hope that, along with our company, we ourselves will continue in our growth and development.

[Places of Interest] Fuyang City ? Enjoying Economic Development, while Maintaining the Atmosphere of the Good Old Days
Street Landscapes Changing Rapidly

In Fuyang City

Like many major cities in China, Fuyang, a provincial city home to 650,000 people, dramatically highlights the country’s rapid economic development. For the past few years, the city’s street landscapes have changed drastically; the number of automobiles on the streets has increased rapidly; the streets have improved greatly; and the farming land has been transformed into apartment areas. At the same time, scenes of ordinary people’s lives that are reminiscent of the good old days can be observed in many places in the city. The comparison between the two aspects is quite fascinating.

Shaoxing Wine

The renowned Shaoxing wine is a signature product of Zhejiang Province. Although it is difficult to obtain pot-stored Shaoxing wine in Japan, the wine can be easily obtained at an ordinary supermarket in this city. I heard that in the past, a pot of Shaoxing wine was buried under the ground when a baby girl was born, and the lid of the pot was removed and the wine was drunk when the girl grew up and got married. Since Shaoxing wine available here is characterized by a mild taste that can be achieved only in its place of origin, and is sold for a reasonable price, you may find it difficult stop drinking it.

  An array of pots of Shaoxing wine  

Shaoxing wine

West Lake and Huangshan

The West Lake is the symbol of Hangzhou, the former capital of the Southern Song Dynasty. Around the lake are many cultural heritage sites. In spring, the shores of the lake are carpeted with flowers, serving as a place of relaxation for the people of the city. Meanwhile, renowned for its picturesque views commonly depicted in ink paintings, Huangshan is one of China’s top scenic locations. It is even said that if you climb Huangshan, you do not need to climb any other mountain. Both the West Lake and Huangshan are well-known world heritage sites, always attracting many sightseers not only from home but also from abroad. Additionally, these places are located within a comfortable distance for a weekend trip.


West Lake




Company Profile


Company name Hangzhou SEI-Futong Optical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Established November 2008
Business Manufacture of optical fibers and preforms
Representative Shigeru Suemori (Chief Executive Officer)
Employees 220 (Japanese expats: 3)
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